Monday, February 27, 2006

Unbelievable scarlet

Remember my posts about our trouble with scarlet, who has unwantedly activated an ADSL subscription with my parents and they could not use their real subscription anymore?

Well after 72 days of being offline, my dad could finally connect again to his chosen provider Versatel. In the mean time the governments telecom mediator has let us know that Versatel wants to give us 2 months free internet.

But Scarlet refuses to give any compensation for all the trouble that we've gone througyh: since we applied for this subscription according to them (I refused it twice within the week I found out about this "mistake") and since they activated the ADSL (5 weeks after disconnecting my dad from Versatel, 6 weeks after our refusal for this subscription), they did nothing wrong....


Tiling in Leuven

We started to tile the floor! Wow, that's like really final huh.

kitchen floor (well around the wholes that will be filled with glass)

hallway floor have same tiles as kitchen floor

and I continue my plastering job: everywhere sanding my first plastering layer on the edges of the plaster plates and then adding a second layer plaster (which I hopefully can sand to a 'ready to paint' wall)

Happy weekend

This weekend I was thinking "I feel good, I am happy". It sounds cheesy, especially when you write it down. It's almost weird to type this thought down, but I truly felt good this weekend even when I was tired etc at some moments. So maybe we don't type happiness down frequently enough and then the happy feeling evaporates quickly.

So I want to register that I had a good weekend: I've spent time with multiple friends: meeting young Christians in Ghent on Friday evening, going out to a Mexican restaurant with 2 friends and Jan on Saturday evening and having another friend over for brunch on Sunday noon.
I also could work in the house in Leuven where I continued plastering (second layer!) while Jan helped his dad with tiling the floor. I also went over to my sister and played with little Stef and we planned to make a big family vacation this summer for a week in France.

And my itchy face is gone. I went to the dermatologist and she confirmed to me what I already suspected: excema in my face , neck and arms despite the fact that I was still following her last year's instructions about taking care of my face. I got some good old cortisone wondercreme (pff cortisone again) which already worked its miracles the first 2 days and now my face is itchfree and the red crusty spots are gone. Now I have to wait for some more allergy tests and the results of my blood tests.

It was a very busy weekend and I would have liked to relax a bit more, but you can't have it all. So I just keep the good memories and that happy thought :-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Itchy face

For years now I suffer from allergies that can result in red itchy skin. For 2,5 months now, my eye is often a bit swollen and itchy and then back to very dry and red.
A couple of weeks ago I finally made an appointment with the dermatologist. I can't wait to the last 2,5 weeks my face went all dry and more spots with rash came up. It's really all dried up and extremely itchy sometimes. When I touch it, little dry pieces of skin fall down and it feels almost crusty. I use however the daily soap and daycreme recommended by my dermatologist though so I don't get it.
Also my arms are showing extremely dry spots.

1 more day and I'll hopefully have a good advise and diagnosis so I can start getting rid of it because it is now worsening really fast and it drives me nuts. (failing tests are nothing compared with this!)

Failing tests

Pfff the night didn't help us to solve the problem we had last night... but it helped me to put stuff more into perspective, although it was really disappointing to drive to work knowing that I'd have to postpone these tests.

After being in bed late (and some colleagues were up later than me!) was really supporting to see that we were already with 3 logged in at 6h30 and mailing each other with possible ideas to solve this. Great teammates!

So this morning was really frustrating and disappointing and stressfull, but after a while it evolved to a more accepting feeling ( "oh well, we'll see when we figure this out, it's been delayed so much already so now we might as well search some further options ") (to be honest, day wasn't so stressfull since there was less happening...we had to wait for answers from technical people on the errors that occured) relieve when finally at 17h30 I could save my first sales order hopefull that we can execute tomorrow the tests with the users as was in fact planned today.

Please lets hope that after entering the orders, no more such big errors come up in the rest of the flow! And I'll do my dishes now and go to bed earlier

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stress for tests

Argh, it's 23h30 and tomorrow some big tests coming up with the users, ...but we already discovered tonight that some stuff is wrong and basically we cannot do the tests as it is now. I really want this to go through so that the users have confidence in the new software they'll get. Argh but we can't find the problem.

I am getting tired, my inspiration is running out. Damn....

Friday, February 17, 2006

Comforting sound of the rain

The first 6 weeks of 2006 were very dry here. We had a couple of days with snow...but not much and for the rest it was dry. So I guess it was time now to shift the balance and since a week (and also predicted for the coming days) we get one weather depression after another bringing lots of rain. It's not that cold anymore but at some moments it's just pouring.

You have to know that I live on the topfloor of the appartment and the sound of the rain is very loud on my skylight windows. When I first moved here I truly didn't sleep when it's raining. But you get used to it. Now I tell myself that it's a very comforting cosy background sound...I am trying to convince me that it just adds to the cosiness of my appartment. Especially when i am already in bed under my warm covers. Hmmmm, nice inside, nice and warm and dry while it's very unattractive outside. I try to compare the feeling to myself with the joy of a fire inside when it's freezing and dark outside.

My mind images help me indeed to ignore the annoying ticking of the rain on the windows and to sleep through it. Last week Jan didn't have my mind images though to help him fall asleep. He surely wasn't used to it yet and was rolling back and forth to try to fall asleep. Argh. Oh well, now he feels what I feel in leuven when I am kept awake from street traffic noise there. I'll have to find a positive comforting image for that noise as well.... hmm have to think about that.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Long day

oooh it's been a long day at work. it's sometimes very hectic, but I am enjoying myself. Only, I don't feel like doing a whole lot anymore tonight. Feeling tired. zzzzz

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Luisa's first birthday party

Last Saturday we were guests on Luisa's first birthday party. Together with Luisa, her family and their friends we enjoyed delicious cake, the many balloons, all the new toys, etc...
And Luisa treated her guests by proudly demonstrating her latest skill: walking with the help of a little wooden cart!! She really enjoyed her new independence of moving to one place to another one a bit faster than crawling. Turning the cart and herself when she reached a wall, still needed a helpfull hand though.

Luisa, one year today, showed off her new learned skill: walking with her cart

The birthdaycake was tested and approved by Luisa

All the new toys had to be tested (here shaking on a music carpet) ...

...although some children playing with the toys seemed a bit tall

Wednesday, February 8, 2006


mmmm I just made myself home-prepared cow tongue and I am so proud of it..and I enjoyed it very much.

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Stef 5 months

The pictures of my last visit on Monday. He's growing out of his bathing bucket but he adores taking a bath. Even if his cold is a little tough on him, his bath completely cheers him long as he can splash mommy all wet ;).

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Murphy's law proved today!

Pff what a day. This morning was just an accumulation of bad luck.

It all started when I woke up this morning by the noise out in the street. I live on a street corner and we have in Belgium this funny habit of "alternating parking". In more narrow streets in residential areas the city can order this alternating parking. Then you have to park in the first half of the month on one side of the street and in the second half of the month on the other side. You are supposed to change sides on the eve before between 7 pm and 8 pm again. Anyway that switching always garantees some confusion in the street, cars being on both side and other cars trying to slalom through. It's really crazy and in Ghent they are going to abandon this habit. Yeaah.

So yesterday it was happening again, although I usually come home after most of them have already swichted (even before 7 pm...when people come home they just park on the other side) and I found myself a spot on the correct side of the street as well. But some cars were still on the "old" side...and they still were this morning. That happens more often, but this morning 2 big truckes wanted to get through and with a car parked on both sides, they didn't manage to pass. So they were blowing their horn multiple times , they were screaming at each other in the street etc... Great to wake up like that.

So half asleep in the half dark living room, I stumbled to the window to check whether my car was ok and just to make sure those trucks didn't have the great idea to back up into my car or something. As I came out of bed I was bare footed and I hit with my big toe the old computer that is still sitting here next to my desk. Auw auw auw, that hurts...especially if you have broken your toe nail and it's bleeding.

So I spent my morning limping, cursing, putting bandage on my toe and trying to fit into a shoe that didn't hurt tooo much to walk.

It was way to late when I finally made it through the door and I locked my door here on the 3rd floor, put something in the garbage here just across my door and then took all my stuff (I was carrying 4 bags and my purse) and rushed down as far as I could with my sore toe. Downstairs I slammed the doors, hit the cold outside, went to my car (the 2 trucks had managed to leave in the mean time!!)...but my car didn't open...because I didn't have my keys on me. Fxxx, my keys were still inside and I had slamned the door!! So I was locked outside in -4 C, I couldn't get into my car, so I couldn't leave for work but I couldn't get back into my appartment either.
Naturally my neighbours were not at home anymore to let me into the building. Argh.

The only solution was to phone my parents, wait until my mom came home from the physiotherapist (still post surgery excercises for her shoulder) and then wait until they had driven in the fog to Ghent (= 40 min). So there I stood on the sidewalk at my door with my bags... reading a book that I happend to have with me with my gloves on. After half an hour I moved outside the bakery trying to look miserable since she didn't spontaneously had asked me in when I told her that I was locked outside. After standing for 15 min at her door, she finally figured it out that it was freezing cold and she did ask me in for the last 15 min of my waiting period until my dad showed up with my keys. Yes!

I really feel bad about my parents having to drive to me through the fog...but there was nothing else I could do. Asking Jan to fly back from Edinburgh was a little more difficult. Fortunatly that my parents do have spare keys.

So at a kwarter past ten I could finally leave with frozen feet (which was good, I didn't feel my sore toe as much anymore) to work. The fog just got thicker by the time I reached the coastal area so it wasn't fun to drive and it took me longer than usual. Pfff what a morning!

The afternoon I was giving training to telesales people and that went well, but afterwards I couldn't finish my work anymore due to my late arrival. I didn't want to sit there on my own very late and drive through the very very thick fog late at night. So I drove home (in the beginning I hardly saw something...crazy how fast some people drive through the fog...fortunately sight got better inlands), cooked dinner, ate and then continued some of my work. When I finally could mail it off to the director I promised it too... I lost my network connection with my company and I couldn't restore it anymore. So I guess I am sending nobody e-mail from work anymore. Oh well, some more bad luck had to happen before the end of the day. Arrgggh. I suppose I just go to bed now ;-). Those dishes can wait for now.