Brown envelop versus interfaced databases

Thanks to Jan I remembered just at time this weekend that I still had to fill in my tax declaration. Well, there's 3 more days left. Apparently I am not the only one leaving this task until the last days since we saw one person after another dropping their brown envelop in the letter box when we walked by the tax building in Leuven today.

Anyway, since 2003 at the very start of tax-on-web, I've chosen to post it electronically. After preparing my data on paper, I was pleasantly surprised when opening the screens on the computer: my wages, social contributions, overtime hours, a tax deductable gift... were all already filled in. Finally the goverment starts to use and share the information they already have in other departments. It was about time they built some bridges across their silos and link their databases! Good work, it only makes sense.


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