Made in Belgium: Nacht und Nebel

The 80ies brought us New Wave and synthesizer music. Also the Belgian scene had some good groups in the genre. Most of that music I've discovered years later by massively borrowing my sisters cassette tapes when she was abroad. Patrick Nebel debuted in the beginning of that decade and with "Beats of Love" he had an international success.

Nacht und Nebel" is a term that comes from the policy Hitler issued in 1941, where he allowed for prisoners from the resistance in occupied territory to "vanish without a trace, and no information was given as to their whereabouts or their fate."

Nebel himself however was suffering from health problems and spent a lot of time in a Swiss sanatorium. After some serious weight loss that helped his heart problems, he returned in the music scene. Unfortunately his health deteriorated quickly again and he passed away in 1986. Too bad, I'm sure he could have made a lot of other hits.


rozebril said…
Zalig nummer weeral!
Betsy said…

Ken deze nummer ook, hoewel het blijkbaar al oud was tegen de tijd dat ik in Brussel woonde. Ze hebben het op StuBru grijs gedraaid...

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