May the work begin

May the work begin" commented snooker today on the last post. Well, they have begun and we've worked well already.

We had already measured all rooms in a detailed way a few weeks ago and and soon as all was signed last Friday we hurried to the Ikea and Brico for some urgent furniture & tools & materials. With 2 cars loaded full we arrived on early Saturday morning. Half an hour later all was unloaded.

By noon the water access had been repaired by my father-in-law's skillfull hands and one bedroom wall had been freed from its ugly wallpaper.

By the time we left in the late afternoon we had cold & warm water, a newly installed bathroom sink/drawers, cleaned floors and a new ikea bed while one bedroom was stripped 1/3rd from its wall paper. Not bad if you ask me.

On day 2 the wall paper duties & cleaning continued but then we took a break in order to go and see the Tour de France come by.


Brian Miller said…
wow. you have been working quite a bit...

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