Exploring Trier

Next stop on our little trip was Trier. The city was since long on my to-do list (since Yab's post with ever inspiring pictures). When I commuted to Strasbourg in 2005 for a project at work, I drove by there often en enjoyed the nice views on the vineyards. Unfortunately there was a thick fog on our way to Trier so the vineyards remained hidden. 

All cuddled up against the first frost, we explored this ancient Roman city and we decided we had to come back here in the late summer/early fall and see it more in depth.  I love the giant Roman city gate, the basilica which was closed when we walked by, the many remainders of Thermae, and the old amphitheater with nice echo. Would love to visit the Roman museum too. Yep yep, Trier tastes like more. 


yab said…
De herfst is zeker een mooi moment om Trier en de omliggende wijngaarden te bezoeken!

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