Kabouter's words (II)

  • Koek (cookie)        : cookie
  • Baby (baby)           : baby/ child
  • Baba                       : banana   (this kid is always in the mood to eat banana! well almost)
  • Tietie                      : his pacifier (his tuut, which funny enough he used to call tuut, not anymore)
  • Oma (grandma)     : talking to my mother
  • Auw   (Ouch)         : pain/warm    when pointing to our cup of coffee or the heating radiator as we teach him caution for these things...  also the first spoon of food that needs to cool off still.  Yet lately all food is "auw" at first according to him even when it comes from the fridge.  The concept still needs some finetuning. 
  • Oi /Oei (oops/whew)    : temporarily new favourite word (by all kids in daycare) to point out any event worthwile pointing out such as something dropping on the floor, a door opening or closing, the tv that turns on or out, the microwave that is finished, a loud motor driving by, ... Lots of oei oei oei in a day! 
  • Auto                         : Recent addition and distinction to the many 'tuuuta's' on the road.
  • Bee/Bu                     : the bus...another interest to road traffic
  • Ngie-ngie                 : Drink, hard to distinguish sound from his tietie or die (that) but definately more guteral and almost every time after food....followed by a lot of enthusiasm when we pour him some water
  • Mee                         :  When he sees us putting on our jackets, he goes to the door and points "mee"  (he wants to come along)
  • Ba(l)                        :  a ball to play with
  • Lalala                      : he starts to sing
  • Roaaahhhh             : a lion
  • Boom                       : he threw something on the floor/ something fell on the floor / ...
  • Choco                      : his monkey stuffed animal/cloth to sleep with...of which we have 7 so wherever we go, there's a Choco ready on duty.

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