Poeske Scherens

Every year there's an Elite cycling race in front of our door. Well 'Elite'...the famous cyclists are currently in the Vuelta, so we don't really stay home to see this race but if we're home, it's fun to see some of it.

In the morning we can "enjoy" the towing cars that pull away the wrongly parked cars that are left on the circuit.  Then the city services & police come by to block all the side roads .

And then in the afternoon the cyclists start coming by...once, twice, three times.....twelve times and thirteen times.   Very handy: you can watch them, go have lunch, watch them, put Kabouter in bed for a nap,   ....and then go out to truly see the end of the race.  
Murphy's law: just when we left the door, the grey clouds broke apart and started rain on us. We had just the time to quickly put on our rain jackets and run 100m ahead to knock on the door of our neighbour friends.  So we sort of invaded their home until that vicious shower was over and then we pulled out some chairs in front of their door to watch.    We watched the cyclists, we watched the other people pic-nicking along the road or playing soccer on the road in between the lapses etc...

And just after the last lapse , the rain returned and it was time to wrap up and walk back across the street to our home.


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