The men of the year '65 celebrated their 50th birthday this year on the yearly traditional "Abrahamday" (if you're 50 y old, you've seen Abraham).

All the men of the year gathered in the city park and so did Jan with his men.  There were some speeches and some marching band, but Kabouter enjoyed himself riding his bike in the park...especially when he discovered the fun of riding big puddles.

We followed the parade to the little sculpture of Kamerood Sestig where the men of the year '75 became an active year and dressed the boy in their outfit.

There were more speeches and a reception in the pouring rain, but the more rain the more fun it was to ride a small bike .

The celebrations ended with the small parade going through the city center where the sculpture of "Fonske", the foutain of wisdom got dressed by the costume of the men of '65.  We kept racing ahead of the marching band to watch the drums as they came by and then ran up front again :p. ...what a mom does for a little boy, right? 



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