Busy day congratulating our family

Jan's gone to the US for a week and I intended to go to the Ardennes with Kabouter but changed my mind as I know I start feeling lonely an entire weekend without adult conversations.
Since I had become an aunt again this week, we went to see the newborn beauty. And my mom had her birthday coming up so we stopped there as well.   And so we had a big tour of the family with congratulations to distribute everywhere.

So first we went to admire the lovely sleeping baby. Kabouter (who is no longer the youngest in the family and who now looks like a giant) met his new cousin but quickly diverted his attention from this non-moving baby to stealing the toys around :p.

The new mom was feeling that well that we went together outside to the ongoing fair across the street. Due to the big success last week at Leuven's fair, I treated Kabouter at another ride at a copy of the carroussel he rode last week.

Then it was time to go and see my parents where could goof around with his bigger cousin.

We got home way past bedtime and I at least was feeling drop dead tired.


Jennifer Brown said…
Looks like a fun weekend!


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