38 things you didn't know yet about me

  1. I love to have long nails but they have to be pointed/rounded. I find those long rectangular nails dreadful. 
  2. If I succeed I love to grow them as long as possible but then it starts to annoy when typing. (especially if some are still long and others have been broken shorter)
  3. As a toddler I was always sent to school with my sandwiches in my hand as I was such a slow eater that I could never finish my breakfast before we had to leave.
  4. I love "appelflappen" but not those with a sugar coating on top.
  5. Other than that I also love pastries that have vanilla pudding in them (to lesser extent Boule de Berlin as the bread there is so weird). 
  6. When travelling I often buy rice pastries though as they are more sturdy to travel and are still ok to eat the next day. 
  7. I hate to be hungry when I arrive late in a hotel, so I do like to hamster some snacks in my luggage just in case I have a craving but do not have or feel like to call room service anymore.
  8. I am watching the Flemish soap "Thuis" almost everyday ...have been doing so for over 15 years
  9. As a teenager I've been watching "Neighbours" for many years. It's hard to belief Neighbours is still running though
  10. As a child I've been watching Oshin for a few years together with my mom. They were broadcasting it on the Belgian tv, but after one year they restarted. I cried so often as I knew which hardships were still ahead of her. My parents feared I was too sensitive for it and threatened that I'd have to stop to watch...so I did my best not to cry anymore.

    I'd really love to see Oshin again. 
  11. As a pre-schooler I also cried over Nils Holgerssons when he couldn't return home anymore. Also there I swallowed my tears when my parents were discussing whether I could watch or not.
  12. I watched the fall of the Berlin wall live. I didn't feel like it but my parents told me I was watching history so I stayed up and I remember. I'm glad I did!
  13. I couldn't watch the news coverage on the Heysel Stadium disaster as the images were too explicite and you could see people die, so my parents said.  Even in news/history reviews decades later, I still look away, afraid of what I might see.
  14. I haven't been to the movies in many years. 
  15. I never did any sports (besides the mandatory PO classes in school) until I was about 25 years.  
  16. I don't sport at this moment either.
  17. My main passtime as a child and teenager was music: playing the flute, band, chamber music, ...Combined with an intro to drama there was a year I spent 16h/week at the music academy. 
  18. I don't play music anymore at this moment either.
  19. I'm so itchy lately
  20. Sleeping feet is like sparkling water released in your feet. Very weird feeling.
  21. I love to watch tv with my feet up on the coffee table.
  22. Unlike Jan I don't like watching tv while laying down in the sofa
  23. I only water my plants when they start seeing thirsty (leaves lower than usual).  That's more or less every week or 10 days and they survive my care amazingly well. 
  24. I don't digest fat things well but I can't draw a line what is fine or not.  If wrong I'm punished with big cramps within 30 min from the meal. Fortunately the discomfort doesn't last very long.
  25. I still have a lot of acne. Lucky for me most of my acne was always on my back so invisible to most people.
  26. I love popping pimples when I have them.
  27. I confessed that once to a colleague who recommended me a tablet game "pimple popping" that his wife was playing all the time. I tried but that game was just gross. 
  28. I have a big ugly scar, also on a spot that is invisible to most...pheww. 
  29. Since the latter, I've all of a sudden become self-concious to go to a sauna or so.
  30. I should drink way more water than I do but I find water so boring and tasteless.
  31. So I probably drink much more soft-drinks than I should (always lights, zero sugar versions though)
  32. I haven't watched a full movie in years and I realised recently that I haven't been watching any of my favourite series on tv anymore either (besides Thuis...see "8").  My attention span is just so limited lately.
  33. Even worse, I am not reading books anymore and yet I have such a tempting pile nearby.   Good resolutions for vacation!!!
  34. I dislike cities that have a clear historic center   
  35. I'm always in the mood to eat chips
  36. Unlike the stereotypical women, I'm not that much into shopping. Definately not shoe shopping.  Please just give me my 2-3 pairs of all-round comfortable shoes.
  37. I'm really in doubt whether I'll let my hair grow long again, now that it is short. I'm still quite fond of it.
  38. For everyone who think they know what's going on in my life just from reading my blog are wrong...there's something I've not been telling you all on here ...yet


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