An ordinary day in the Ardennes

After sleeping in  (we are lucky with our boy who lets us sleep until 9.(30) in complaints there as young parents!), we have a lazy breakfast and morning inside first. But then it was time to get some fresh air

first we had to get the mail

Then we had to yell hello to the cows

and ride our bike while Jan cut the gras for the last time this year.  Mommy's legs form a gate through which small bikes have to ride.

then we played some soccer with the neighbour boy

After our nap we refused to eat but for the first time bribery (you get to watch a bit of ipad if you finish your plate) worked really well.

He didn't get much time as we needed to go grocery shopping and the boys had to check if it wasn't too late in the year to grease the grass yet.   (it is).

After grocery shopping we had to catch up with the cows again and say hi to the cows again and the neighbour cat and do some more cycling.


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