Last week I was

  • Fighting with helpdesk of phone company. I had discovered all of a sudden that there was a domiciliation active for a subscription I didn't take.  First phone calls confirmed that I only have one mobile subscription  on my name, not linked to a domiciliation for which I get monthly invoices.

    After a written complaint I got the confirmation that I was paying for a mobile number registered on my name.   I phoned the number that got answered by another Goofball living 20-30 kms further away.  She had a mobile subscription on her number for the amounts I had been paying since this summer and had indeed not had any invoices anymore lately.

    A few more phone calls with the helpdesk I got oral confirmation that our subscriptions got mixed up , that they owed me money   and a written confirmation only that I had to wait to pay my latest open due invoice. be continued
  • Fighting with contact center airline that couldn't be reached unless you were on a waiting line for 20-50 minutes (paying!) only to get an agent claiming "he was only picking up the phone as they were disastrously understaffed this week due to illnesses but he didn't have the skills to help me.".  Promises to phone me back were idle and only after some pretty angry tweets, I got phoned again twitter if you want to get some service.
  • thinking of a lady living a bit up the road.  Our neighbourhood pharmacist had seen her getting home with her grandchild in stroller, struggling to get in and acting a bit off.  He went back to check if everything was ok and when he got no answer, he saw her laying on the floor.  Thanks to their attentive acting and quick alerting of the emergency services, we hope she'll be ok.  Scary how quickly these things can happen (unnoticed).
  • thinking how busy next weeks will be. Stuff I dislike and also exciting stuff.
  • I was rearranging some of my wardrobe as I needed room to enter some things urgently. I need to rearrange more often as I saw things that I could have worn past summer but I forgot I had it.  Somehow I always fall in habit of wearing same things and otherwise there's clearly clothes there that I do not wear anymore and should be taken out.  


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