A legend gone

With my age, I've only consciously lived through Bowie's pop hit parade successes in the 80ies. However, I've always been very much influenced by my older sister's music heroes on her poster wall in the room, so even as quite a little girl, I knew this guy with a blue and a brown eye. I've seen him live once in 1997 at the festival of Rock Werchter.

When the first breaking news push messages appeared this morning at breakfast on my phone, I felt disbelief and shock.  2 days after his birthday and new album release? What a tragic irony. While I'm really not an expert, neither a big fan, I do really feel that we've lost today a music icon, a legend that has influenced us all.   While all radio's now play an overload of Bowie hits, I notice how often I turn the radio up.

RIP Bowie...thanks for the music you've left us behind.


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