Christmas at our families

The Christmas weekend was filled with food, presents and family as always. We celebrated Christmas Eve with Jan's family and Christmas Day with my family. 

I feared we'd have to turn around for Christmas as Kabouter got ill in the car and threw up twice.  You should have seen the poor little crying fellow in the trunk of our car where I was changing him in the cold into some spare clothes (that we fortunately had on us) while Jan was trying to clean the seat with a box of tissues.   After yet another incident just before we arrived at my parents, we arrived in a rather chaotic & stressed way. Fortunately we could change him once again, throw all dirty clothes and blankets in the washing machine and dryer   and he slowly recovered to his old chatty active self.  When he got some more presents under the Christmas tree, he was forgotten about feeling ill.  So with some delay we could all relax at the Christmas table anyhow.   Peace on earth and in our family returned ;).


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