Theme park craziness part IV: Seaworld and what we didn't plan on vacation

The pain had been simmering in the background for 2 days but I had taken action to try to make it go away.  I had been up in the middle of the night twice to pump milk and massage, but by the morning that didn't help anymore.  When I woke up in the morning, I knew it was too late. My breast was red, swollen and very painful.

"This is not good.  It's really not good, it's not going to go away without medication" I stated to Jan.

Half an hour later I was shaking too hard to be able to dial the number of our assistance insurance due to 40C of fever. I knew my own diagnosis as I had been through this twice. I knew I needed antibiotics but I had also experience that the side-effects of antibiotics on my body often make me even more ill. The panic that I'd not be able to continue our vacation, made me throw up multiple times.

While Jan took the children downstairs for breakfast I had had a few conversations with our insurance in Belgium, with the hotel lobby to get adresses of the nearest hospitals and the ER/reception of 2 hospitals.  An hour later we parked at a nearby care center where I tried to control my fever shaking in order to fill in the shitload of paper questionnaires, to chase the insurance with yet another phone call to hurry that needed paper fax with their invoice consent. Then I was told to change in this hideous hospital shirt until the doctor came.

My self-diagnosis got confirmed: mastitis or breast infection.  I got the prescription of the much needed antibiotics, pain killers and fever killers and an itinerary to a pharmacy a few blocks further. It took a century in the pharmacy to prepare the medication - so it seemed -  but by noon I was finally able to crawl into the hotel bed full of drugs.

Jan went swimming with the boys until Beertje needed his afternoon nap. Then  he went with Kabouter to Seaworld so not all our tickets would be lost.  Based on the pictures they had a really good time while both Beertje and I took a very long nap.
It was as if Beertje understood my condition since he was very quiet and gentle when he woke up until the boys returned from their trip.


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