Pasta time

As it was raining constantly previous Saturday we had to find ways to amuse ourselves indoors. I realise we don't have the habit at all to stay at home all day.

It was the perfect timing to test our new pasta machine which Jan had bought after our introduction to pasta making at the Doe-boerderij during the car-free festival in Leuven.  2 little children jumped enthusiastically to help us and they were intrigued by making the dough. 

Once the first step was done, it was nap time for the smallest and I left the 2 biggest boys alone for kneading the dough manually and running it the first times through the pasta machine molds. 

We didn't succeed to get a smooth thin dough  immediately: each time we started to narrow it, it started to crackle and split for some reason. And our attempts to cut thick dough was miserable. So we started a few times over by kneading it to a big boll again and start pushing it through the mold back from start.  By starting over, Kabouter lost interest in the process. So only Jan and I were left in the kitchen. 

For some reason - I don't know why - things started to work out after we had been cursing for a while.  The dough looked perfect, we managed to run it thinner and thinner until we could cut it to nice fresh tagliatelle. Did the dough need that much more kneading from the start? Did we find a more consistent way to fold it and run it through the molds? Did we turn the molds at a more optimal speed? I have no clue.
Fact is that our first attempt to make pasta took a long time, which we had not anticipated,  but half of the time was simply gone because we started over again.

But at the end when the "spaghetti cutting" was happening, Kabouter skipped back to the kitchen with a little cheer from the other side of the room "wait for me, wait for me". 

In the evening at the table, he all of a sudden had no appetite for eating pasta.  "I don't like the spaghetti".  Ugh, whimsical toddlers [insert rolling eyes].  Ha, then we had more. 


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