I'm not a hipster: I don't have a Bujo

When you read other blog regularly there is some trends that seem to come by massively...a lot of them I don't understand.

In the last months everyone seems to have a "Bujo".  It's short for Bullet Journal.  Well known bloggers have written books on how to start a bullet journal, serieous news papers and less serious newssites have done articles about it, etc.  And I don't get it. I really don't get it.

So you have a little journal book that you structure, with to do lists, a day agenda, a weekly agenda, a monthly agenda,  week planning of menu's , grocery lists, outfit combinations, whishlists, bucket lists, ...whatever.  All types of lists and pages are structured in a way so you move items from one to the next page (long term planning to weekly planning eg)  or to a new page if it's full.  Some people really make little artbooks full of handlettering, but that's not really the point.

Having one place where you write everything down would increase your efficiency and create peace of mind as you know it's all there.

But I don't get it:
- you need to carry a physical book with you at all times
- It has a weight
- It holds everything so if you lose it or misplace it of forget it ... you are totally lost
- you need to carry a pen
- pages get full, books get full so you need to start over
- you are in a constant process of restructuring
- you cannot share or collaborate on those lists (eg a grocery list for the family should be shared)
- it's on paper
- you can't get any alerts, reminders or notifications

All of this in 2017 when
- online apps synchronise on multiple devices and are available online and offline
- can be shared with multiple people
- you can't get any alerts, reminders or notifications
- they are never full and you never need to reorganise because of that reason
- they ycan be structured as you want as well
- can include all types of media, also sound recordings

The argument that it is stressfull that it's multiple apps is just the same as it is different sections in your bujo : it's different icons on my device.

So I'm with Annelyse when she wrote this.  I don't have a Bujo but I have google calendar (each member of our family has a shared calendar), a shared Wunderlist grocery  list and to do list, Evernote notes, ...


Anonymous said…
Or quip... :-)
Leslie said…
My phone is my primary organizer. But I have been trying a bullet journal, though it seems to be more of a doodle book. I don't carry it with me at all times. I mainly fill a page a day. The night before, I write out my schedule, make a to-do list, and I jot things in it through the day. Writing my schedule and to-do list seems to help me better remember things. I've missed actually writing things down, so it serves that purpose. It's more of a creative endeavor for me.
yab said…
Well said! When I went fully digital never once have I thought about going back to paper. Seems such a hassle!

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