My 2017 in review

January 2017

We started the new year with 2 men down in the house and the virusses continued to control most of the month where we all took turns in being ill.
Fortunately, in between resting weekends, we also found some snow in the Ardennes to have some sledging fun.

February 2017

In February we took a city trip to London with the kids, which is something I can recommend. In the mean time, the months of major renovations in our house had progress and the new future rooms started to shape.

March 2017

We celebrated Beertje's first birthday and also celebrated his baptism. The party boy also conquered the skill of standing up, sitting down and making his first steps this month. 

April 2017

While the renovations at the new attic floors in Leuven finally approached their completion, we also relaunched the renovations on the Ardennes attic, where the walls appeared of future rooms.

May 2017

My nephew celebrated his confirmation in May and we saw several parades with a lot of giants. After 6 months the attic renovations in Leuven got finished and Kabouter could move into his new room.

June 2017

We travelled through Florida for our family vacation.

July 2017

In July our family faced health issues again when my dad had to be hospitalized first to get a new hip after which he broke his leg and needed a 2nd surgery in 2 weeks. 

We managed to take a few days off in the Ardennes where we worked hard to finish the new bathroom and bedroom and rested the other time. 

August 2017

In August we watched the yearly cycling race  in front of our home and cocooned a bit more at home, while we took care of our mini vegetable garden.  At the end of the month Beertje gave us a lot of sleepless nights while his mouth filled with new teeth. 

September 2017

After a summer puzzling with summer camps, play ground services and summer day care , we returned to routine with Kabouter starting the 2nd year of kindergarden. At the end he was spoiled with 2 birthday parties.

October 2017

We soaked up the sun before winter in Gran Canaria. 

November 2017

November was a transition month between from autumn and winter and the Sinterklaas fever really hit our family for the first time.

December 2017

We enjoyed the arrival of winter by visiting Christmas markets (although way less than other years), playing in the first snow etc.   I also volunteered again for the Mobile School charity walk during the Warmest Week.


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