A weekend full of wall paper, good music and fun

It had been many weeks since we had been in the Ardennes. You can't have it all if you spend a good time on vacation of course. But now we were back and there was a lot of work to do. While Jan tried to transform that meadow behind our house back into a civilised grass garden, I headed back to the attic.

Since end of March, more than half of the attic was ready for painting and now I wanted to put the wall paper on the remaining walls and ceiling. But there were still some walls in MDF so they needed to get some primer first. I worked all weekend , sometimes with a little help from a small or a big helper. First I was optimistic that I'd start painting already on Sunday, then I feared I'd not even be ready with wall paper since not a single wall is straight and there's a record number of corners, beams etc.  But I did it!  All the wall paper is up and the entire attic as well as the staircase is now ready for paint. Woot woot.

Now there's still a huge painting job to get done and some major flooring but we'll get there one day. (hopefully sooner than later)

Fortunately I was also entertained by my men in between the work. 


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