New wardrobes and closets

It seems to be a fact: renovations in Leuven and in the Ardennes are aligned. Last year we were making big structural changes on both locations.  Both had new rooms ready and in use previous Spring and Summer....but the completion stalled at both sides.

Since this Spring I progressed in the Ardennes again and at the same time we finally found a carpenter with a decent offer to build our missing wardrobes in Leuven.  The original contractor that delivered our new rooms, went broke this winter.  Fortunately his bankruptcy happened before we had done any prepayment for the wardrobes or extra works we wished.  So we only lost a lot of time.

This week we got wardrobes in the renovated rooms! Only in one room we are waiting a bit longer for the wardrobe doors. We can finally start unpacking the boxes and baskets were all children's clothes are pushed in with a lot of chaos and lack of space. Damn, I no longer have an excuse for the unorganized mess ;). Also in our living room we've added 2 clean minimalist closet blocks that have to replace our mess gathering "storage tables" in the corners. Yeay.
But now I have to start reorganising (not so yeay).


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