My blog on Facebook

Most of you come to visit my blog via Facebook. I always made my posts appear automatically on my personal Facebook page and I see in my statistics that a lot of you clicked through from there.  However it is no longer possible to publish anything automatically on a personal facebook page since August 1st.  I guess they want to protect personal pages from being spammed while Facebook changes his algorithms more in favour of personal posts rather than pages.

Since I regularly schedule a post beforehand and make it appear in the midst of dinner/bath/bed time for the children .  or even sneakier...ensure that posts keep appearing while I'm on vacation, it is not an option to share each post manually on my facebook page.

So ...I created a FB page for Goofballsworld.  The big advantage is that my readers that are not a personal friend from me on FB now also can like and subscribe to the posts!! So you do not need to google me each day anymore,  there is also an alternative to a feed reader like feedly or Bloglovin or... if you are not lining up a lot of blogs to read.  So...go go go and click on like on Goofballsworld.

But since I stated that Facebook's algorithm will favorise my personal posts above the page posts, you might not see them all showing up as easily. If you really want to see them regularly, please interact with the posts by a like or a comment.  And my real fans can always click on follow and choose "see first" to ensure they don't miss anything .


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