Chinese New Year in Leuven

The weather was horrendous yesterday (and most of today). It would have been really tempting to just hide inside our house all day but we had to do some shopping.  We also knew that Chinese New Year would be celebrated in the city center that afternoon, so we planned a bit to head out at the right moment.  The whatsapp group of parent's of Kabouter's class showed that we were more with the same plan. 

In the pouring rain we left our home but fortunately the rain stopped after a while. The boys had been fighting the rain so they won with their super powers. yeaaay for them. 

We ran some errands downtown, ran into some relatives, then ran into Kabouter's friends and headed quickly to the Chinese parade.  The parade was small : 2 dragons / lions (??) , a group of dancers and the Leuven Chinese giant . but they were very colorfull and photogenic.  The children were intreagued by the dancing dragons and kept asking if they were real.  Even though they had seen the men underneath taking a break, they always backed-up quickly when the dragons approached very close but a minute later they ran behind them in the parade so I had to try to keep up with them and not lose them in the crowd. 

At the end of the parade we watched some more performances in front of our city hall but I was very relieved when it was over because it was so cold.

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone. 


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