This week in 5 random pictures

Following Miss Fabuleus idea, I created a picture album for the #40dagenbloggen challenge on my blog FB page where I post some pictures from Goofballsworld behind the scenes.

here you get some more that didn't make the FB page :-) you need to follow both to see it all.

1) I sent this picture on Friday evening to some project team members after they left the office, to let them know we just at the deadline managed to complete a chunk of work.

2) The week started however with a frustration that the construction works closeby school (where the archeological studies had been) , had invaded the entire sidewalk again...forcing all parents with small children, strollers, small bikes,... onto the extremely busy passage road.   I must honestly admit that I reported it and in the evening the entire sidewalk had been cleared again with a comfortable 2 meter passage. pheww.

3) Whimsical March weather and storms continue

4) Kabouter drew my portret.  Apparently I like to play football? And I do have a big heart

5) the boys huddling/hiding in one bed for me to search and find them


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