First bike ride with 4: visiting "thomas the train" at Sourbrodt again

Now that all 4 of us manage to ride a bike, we tried for the first time to make a little family bike trip with 4 bikes on the flat and easy RAVeL in the Ardennes. Previous week we still took Beertje on the back of Jan's bike in Leuven but here we gave him the freedom to try on his own. 

Road of choice was "Thomas the train"  and the old railroad glory near Sourbrodt, one of the favourite parts of the RAVeL for the children.  We parked next to the old locomotive which we nicknamed Thomas a few years ago and got ready for a ride. 

Off we went with 2 adult bikes and 2 little ones. The smallest legs peddled round and round but couldn't keep up with his bigger brother, much to his frustration.  That was not faire, since he wanted to be up front.  Nevertheless he kept going bravely on the bike path. 

Just a few kms further we had a stop at the old train station of Outrewarche, the closest point near our house. You can still spot the bord that formed the old platform and the stop/ waiting shelter.  The children also discovered the path/ staircase to the lower walking path below that must have been the access to the station in the old days. 

Since we were all still in good spirits we risked a bit further on the RAVeL part we know best up to the border with Weywertz.  We waved to the cows that provide us local milk , the fields that fill in summer with Scouting youth and discovered at our turning point a little remembrance site in the woods.  At 3,5 kms we guessed we shouldn't test the little legs more for a first time and turn around. 

The disadvantage of the RAVeL roads is that they are not looped so the return is a copy of what you first did but with the advantage that now you know what's coming up "hup hup a bit more and we'll stop at the station for a drink" "Come on , just a little more and we'll be at the big rocks."

We glanced quickly at the old glory hotels of the former Sourbrodt train station and called our succesful first family bike trip to an end. 


Anne said…
Heel mooi, leuke fietstocht!

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