Sketching out of my comfort zone

Last week I could participate in an all day workshop for sketch noting.  

Never on earth would I have put in my development plan a request to take such a training. It would simply not cross my mind. I can't draw, my competences got stuck when I was 6 or 7.  I am known for my analytical side, rational approach and wordy communication.  Quite the opposite of sketch notes.

It was a colleague who had arranged this for all managers instead of the usual bi-yearly management seminar that couldn't take place this year.  A digital workshop quite out of our comfort zone, but I was quite enthusiastic.  It seemed refreshing to tickle those zones in my brain and hand that are never used and hopefully it forces me to think about structuring my notes differently and pure them to the essence. 

Fortunately I could steal Kabouter's set of markers because without them it would have been a pointless training.  

We studied our flip chart handwriting and got feedback on them, we tackled our limiting convictions that we can't draw, practised a set of drawing techniques and learned that sketch noting is about recognizable stereotyped icons rather than original accurate skillfull detailed drawings.  

All of us were drawing and then presenting in front of our webcam which worked rather well while the teacher's drawings were projected live online.  By the end of the day we had to watch a Youtube reading while we had to do live sketch noting while watching it.  Ugh, quite a challenge but fun and in the end we achieved more than I would have expected. 

Too bad that we don't have the hardware to do proper sketching online for meetings so applying it will have to wait until we have live physical (brainstorm) meetings again. 


Anne said…
Leuk én interessant! De tekeningetjes zijn echt leuk!

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