30 random pictures of the last 11 weeks

 Just some pictures from my phone picture stream that didn't get picked up in any story on this blog. 

1. The tooth fairy had to come by again in the previous week since Kabouter lost his 7th teeth. 

2.  The cat loves to balance now on then in seemingly impossible ridges. Especially the glass balcony gives us a heart attack and I really fear one day he'll drop a floor level down into the living room but so far so good. 

One floor up, a much zoomed picture, where he sometimes balances for a walk on the ridge of the glass balcony high above our living room

3.  Me posing as/ with a legenary Pokémon  and our faces when Kabouter and I managed to catch a rare pokémon on one of our walks together. And Beertje posing with his Pokémon cuddles.

4. The boys posted a color sign on their door green or red to give us permission to enter. Wow, didn't think it was time for puberty yet.  Fortunately they switch quickly to green when I come to tell them goodnight. 

5. A Christmas gift that didn't last very long.  Boohoo HEMA :(

6. My beautiful goofy child ready to pose for a picture

7. My beautiful city's town hall on a first spring day. 

8.  A mysterious itinerary appeared throughout the house all of a sudden. The destination was a bit of an anticlimax without a surprise waiting, but it was a clever idea. 

9. My hairstyle after taking my hat off after a walk

10.  The boys checking out the city and the sunset before bedtime

11: Me on a walking meeting.  If you see me in town (probably around the abbey) like this, I can't have a chat.

12: When I find 100 pictures like this on my phone, I know the boys have had a hold of my phone or ipad 

13. A digital beer / chocolate pairing workshop. Always nice! 

14. The city park in Leuven filled up (too much?) on the first nice spring days end of February.   It got cleared by the police a few hours after I took this picture. 

15. Getting your hair cut is a luxury nowadays. I was lucky end of February but would need a new cut of my bangs already by now. 

16 The Park Abbey at sunset

17. The boys are crafting

18.  Jan declared the BBQ season reopened in April. Fine by me as long as I can still eat in the warmth inside. 

19. Somebody insists in staying in the bath until he's all wrinkled up

20. Happy jump in the bathroom

21. Team Germany (?) on the road in Leuven...already prospecting for the world championships in September??


Liese said…
mooi! Tof zo'n post, moet ik ook eens doen!
Goofball said…
@Liese: zeker doen. Altijd handig als het je even aan inspiratie of tijd voor goed langere geschreven posts ontbreekt. 'k Vind altijd wel foto's die ik leuk vind om te delen maar die zo ergens in isolement zijn. Nu was het wel lang geleden en dus een grote massa, maar 'k doe het zo doorgaans om de 6 weken of zo.

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