Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Our little helper

Let's enjoy this age where they still love to help for as long as it lasts...(how long does that last in fact?)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"De langste dag" in Heverlee

After a weekend in the Ardennes where we just found the time in between showers to cut the knee high grass (sorry neighbours for the neglect), we came back to Leuven in the rain.  However it cleared up after our return so we risked taking a walk to the yearly flee market and special fair in Heverlee. 

I had expected the place to be deserted because of the crappy weather but there was still quite some people out.  It was almost the end of the afternoon so a lot of sellers were already cleaning up, nevertheless it was a nice stroll.

Kabouter enjoyed watching the passing trains at the station most but also had his first attempt to fish some ducks at the fair. Ha, ducks was the only thing I really enjoyed as a kid and I must admit that I enjoyed helping him out a bit. He won a big bus that he could hardly carry and that to my surprise is not yet broken so far. 

After a quick drink we had to rush back home because of the new rain coming. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ice ice baby

New pillows

During a visit in the Ikea this weekend, we realised our current plain beige pillows are totally worn out.  They were made by my mom when I moved into my appartement in Ghent...which is a long time ago !  And we lean on them all  the time so recently they started to tore.

Now we got a fresh look.  (and I'm not supposed to take a picture of the equally worn out old sofa's that need to be renewed from Jan).



Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kalinichta - Greek sunsets

'k heb de zon zien zakken in de zee Olé
'k heb de zon zien zakken in de zee Olé
'k heb de zon zien zakken
de zon zien zakken
de zon zien zakken in de zee Olé


Beertje's first swims