Sunday, September 28, 2014

Birthday party

This weekend it was time to celebrate Kabouter's birthday with the family.  
It was time for lots of presents, that the cousins helped to open...
for a family lunch downtown
for some fun with leaves in the garden (pictures later this week)
for playing with new toys
for cake
and for a new record of walking (12 steps :) ). 

Now we'll all sleep very well after such a busy active day (without afternoon nap).

(update: or alternatively after such a fun day, we are out of our regular rhythm and can't catch sleep despite obvious fatigue. Even happy babies can have a crying hour when they are supposed to be asleep, unfortunately.    ....yawn)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

A new white facade

It was a great fall day and we were in the Ardennes and I could continue painting my wall.    Jan took care of the far corner under the roof beyond my reach and in the afternoon one of our friends showed up.   Although he was supposed to just come by for some drinks , he brought a painting bucket & brush and joined in.  And so we could actually quite quickly finish layer 2 and 3 . 

We were done with the clean-up just in time to join in with the neighbour's for some drinks.  They had been cutting & stocking up wood for the coming winter all day, so we all deserved to chill down a bit (literally....even sunny days in September cool down quickly in the evening :) ).  

Anyway...I love my new white facade! 

Birthday boy: 1 year!!

Previous week we celebrated Kabouter's first birthday.  Unbelievable that a full year has gone by already  (and at the same time it's hard to remember how we lived without him before and what he was like those first weeks and months).

As Jan was travelling we got up earlier to wave him goodbye.  Our little kabouter was still quite drowsy when he got his crown.  A bit uneasy and annoyed about this weird thing on his head at first but then he left it on just long enough to shoot some quick pictures.

A bit later, after some more pictures and cuddles and hurrays, we left with the big box of gifts that Jan and I had crafted previous weekend to distribute to the other kids in the daycare.   

I don't know how (much) they celebrated there but the older kids would sing for him.  In anyway I picked up a very tired kid with a new crown.     After a nap we could Skype with some family and that was his first birthday.  But we still owe him a small party this weekend.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Made in Belgium: Oscar and the wolf

Lately Oscar and the Wolf is getting a lot of airplay with Orange Sky.   Anyone with a group name as "Oscar and the Wolf" should deserve a lot of airplay anyway.  My imagination likes to get tickles by names like that :). The music is a bit mysterious...not too happy but intriguing enough.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Who keeps blogging after all?

Since a few weeks I manage to keep my feedreader empty...quite an achievement since I'm usually a few hundred posts/ months behind in reading...which I then try to catch up in waves. You'll notice when I'm in my catch up exercise on your particular blog with a wave of comments as I like to let you know that I came by and that I appreciated your posts   (hint: I also love it when people let me know when they came by here).

But I must say that a lot of you are making this empty reading list quite easy for me.  Blogging is not trendy anymore, most of you gave up and I miss being up to date with your lives :(.  If some blogs are kept up to date with high frequency I must say it are usually the Belgian ones in my list.   I recently also noticed a tiny bit of revival   ....Lots of readers and lovers of Lillith's new blogbook apparently can inspire some for new inspiration.  Or others consider a restart after a long silence.   I really hope this is a trend that comes true, as sometimes I feel a bit lonely here in this dinosaur blogland.  It's not really that I am without readers:   despite the lack of comments here, I do get some likes and comments on FB now and then where I stream my posts to my FB friends.  But most 'blogfriends' that I got to know purely via blogreading seem more and more absent and I wonder how they are doing.

For me blogging is entirely different from rest from social media as it allows more lengthy posts, and journalling that isn't as ephimeral as the whimsical attention spans of social media.  Or as Bnox quotes "The things that will last on the internet are not owned."   

So I had a look at my blogroll here on the right. It's still got a lot of plants with dried old leafs only, so it needs some cleaning.   I'll keep the original list here as a reference and will later on update a bit with the actual list that I do track on feedly.

Conclusion: mainly the Belgian blogs keep going (also those that I added later on in my list and keep reading) whereas most foreign blogs stopped.  Are they more 'hype' sensitive?? it's a pity, no?

Friday, September 19, 2014

First steps!!

Since Wednesday the first carefull steps are being made.  Of course that is accompagnied by a lot of applause all the time and a big smile. (and some tears for mommy). What else would you expect?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Walk in Ovifat

My parents-in-law came by in the Ardennes and after going out for a lunch we walked between the ski hill in Ovifat & the Botrange .