Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kabouter's Words VI

His new vocabulary is picking up really fast now, so it's hard to keep track of all the new words but here's the majority of new words of the last couple of weeks.

  • Poes                          Cat as opposed to "iauww" before
  • Bis                             Bus as opposed to B before
  • Pjopjajen                   (Vrachtwagen = Truck) as opposed to Pjopja before (he adds a syllable)
  • Koe                           Cow (rather than Meuh)
  • Aap                           Schaap - Sheep (rather than Meeeeeh)   (but of course it is also monkey)

New words

  • Blauw                      blue   (in the context of blue cars that get distinguished from non blue cars)
  • Broek                       pants
  • Bumbalu                  finally after half a year he distinguishes his big yellow friend Bumba from his big red friend Bumbalu
  • Mindy                      Mega Mindy (child hero figure)
  • Plop                          Child cartoon figure
  • Valle                         Fallen
  • Kapop                       Broken
  • Maken                      Fix it please
  • Eten                          Eat
  • Bellen                       to phone
  • Oen                          Shoe
  • Ooka Wavis             Orca Whale
  • Ottopus                    Octopus
  • Aaien                       (Draaien) Turn
  • Oets(en)                   Brush
  • iPad                          iPad (very important!)
  • Piejaat                      Pirate
  • Uittekken                 Take off
  • Boekje                     Book
  • Pakken                     Pick up 
  • (s)poojen                  (train)tracks
  • Blauw                      blue  (default color when he guesses any color)
  • Gjoen                       Green (next guess for colors)
  • Jood                         Red  (another guess for colors)
  • Wam                        Warm
  • Blazen                      to blow (on hot food)
  • Rijen                        to ride (a car, truck, ...)
  • Ta(s)                          a mug
  • Bod                            a plate   

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Monday, September 28, 2015

To boardwalk or not to boardwalk at Fagne des Polleur

The interpretative boardwalk across Fagne des Polleur behind Mont Rigi is one of the trails in the High Fens that would be accessible all year round and accessible for wheelchairs too.

The latter has been a challenge for a while but the condition of the boardwalk seems to deteriorate each time we pass over it.  Jan did some real stuntwork with the stroller, much to the joy of Kabouter.  Witch had mentioned its bad state this summer too.

Nevertheless it felt good to be out in the autumn sun and wind at the old boglands (I'd not call this an Indian summer...it really is autumn, but it was a nice day) .

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Reading books

His favourite activity is without any doubt watching youtube cartoons on our laptops or iPads.   That is followed by playing with trains and trucks and cars.  But coloring (well ordering us to color a train or truck for him) or reading books has picked up his interest too.

He's pointing out the letters on our T-shirts and points out numbers and asks us to read them.  By sheer coincidence (I assume) he pointed out to a road sign with a 6 in it yesterday and proclaimed "six".  Wow.

And this weekend he wanted to read "all books" in our bedroom and tries to find out the comic strip characters that we show him in the book on the different pages.  Very cute :)

Kabouter turned 2 this week!

So it was a busy day for our little man.  There were cards to be read at breakfast.  And a crown to be worn...but that ended in an emotional melt-down. Apparently 2-year olds don't wear crowns. 

And gifts to be taken and distributed at daycare .

After daycare, ...where we received a newly crafted crown to be carried around in his hands, because a crown could not be worn on the head, oh no! ... there were funny skype messages to be watched and lots of family to be skyped/facetimed.

And then just at bedtime a miracle happened: the crown got put on the head! woohoo.

after which we had to try to take a selfie with mom's phone.

Later in the week he got presents from his 3 fantastic babysits. 

The rest of the presents, cake and family visits will have to wait a few weekends to happen a bit later.  But it was fun as it was already.

Happy birthday my little sweetheart!!!!!! It's been 2 superb years already, can't wait for the 3rd year together. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Sunny Sunday for a baby visit

After a week of horrible fall weather (we've not been lucky this September...no Indian summer but grey windy and very wet weather...bleh) , the sun came out on Sunday.

Since Jan had not met his little new nephew yet, he took the train with Kabouter to go visit the baby while I came from my parent's place by car. Kabouter had the time of his life on his train trip and also wanted to go home by train rather than riding with me (which we didn't). 

In the afternoon we enjoyed time with the family and took the opportunity of a sunny day to have a lunch outside. 

Grandmother and grandson

Harrassing the cat

Our little hero adoring a little mechanical cat, yet backing up each time it moved :p

the gorgeous sleeper

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shopping - Reunited - Family wedding

On Saturday I had to do some shopping downtown and we stilled our hungry stomacs with Oliebollen at the fair. 

We were home just in time to welcome Jan back home from the US. He caught up some missed time with Kabouter right away.

It was a good thing I had napped at noon together with Kabouter, as I had to leave that evening to join a family wedding near Ghent. I put both men to bed and drove off in the darkness to join the dance party at my cousin-first-removed wedding party.  Since my parents are a generation younger than their siblings, my cousins are all my parent's generation and my cousin's-first-removed are my generation...yet the relationship is a bit more distant and the family is very large so we hardly ever see each other and we are not in close contact.  Yet therefore it was very cool that we were invited and I wanted to come and join in and see everyone again on a fun event, despite my great fatigue lately.

The couple was really beautiful, the setting in an old factory building very romantic and the DJ was top.  And their friends had made some fun surprises eg a flashmob dance as the couple had feared there wouldn't have been enough people on the dance floor. Well they were wrong!

Early in the night I gave up already and headed to my parent's home to crash there in my old bed (and avoid the 1h drive home through the night).  It felt weird to drive back in the night from Ghent to my home town....a drive down the memory lane from 15-20 years ago when I went out Ghent and then drove home. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

This week

  • One more day before Jan returns from the US.  I dislike long business trips like these that take up part of the weekend as well. I'm quite used that he travels on some week days and that he's not home 1 or 2 nights a week. A week evening goes by quite quickly, time flies by commuting, picking up our toddler at daycare, getting food , playing and putting everyone in bed on time.  But an entire week is long.
    although fortunately the schedules have matched each day to have at least 2 facetime calls a day, which makes it much more easy. Simply having the opportunity to share how you day went is important!
  • Fatigue is my new normal. As a consequence I can't profit from the fact that Kabouter goes to bed earlier since several weeks...as I go to bed earlier as well.
  • Despite much surfing we've still not made up our mind where to go on our next vacation. We wanted to do exactly the same as last fall, but that option doesn't seem to be available.  And all other options seem less attractive. And last years we seem so indecisive when it comes to booking our vacations (unlike a weekend city trip)

  • Unlike many other times when Jan is travelling and I find myself with an empty fridge and no inspiration and dusted cooking skills, I had determined this week that i'd make a better attempt to cook a variety of freshly made meals.
    I actually enjoyed brainstorming on a sort of week menu (ha, the so praised life hack of so many bloggers: a week menu.  Yep, I found it a necessity only because I didn't see any other opportunity to go grocery shopping but on Saturday).  It was fun to think of recipes and ingredients again. I used to do that daily when living in Ghent but at home Jan is our family cook.

    it was more reluctant that I started to cook after work while I was mostly tired and wanted to sit down. An attention seeking toddler with some tantrums didn't really help either, but I succeeded (and made deliberately too big quantities so I'd have some lazy days where I just have to heat up the left-overs).

    So I had schnitzel with rosemary sweet potatoes & tomatoes  / fish with a dill-lemon sauce, mashed potatoes & steamed broccoli  / chili con carne with rice.
    Still have the cheeses left-over for a planned linguine in a blue cheese sauce. 

  • Fall is in the country, summer seems long forgotten. The days have been wet and grey and I'm not ready to pull out any warm clothes but my summer dresses seem so ridiculous and uncomfortable.
    And yet at the same time the pouring rain outside makes me long for a fleece, hot soup and the heating.
  • My parents have learned how to Skype (on their newly received iPad), just in time so they can now communicate daily via this 'new technology' with us from their vacation.  Much much easier for them.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Block towers

Mama gets to build very high towers,
we add a goat in the middle
we pose very proudly

and then we push with our head
or we simply push

Fun fun

(and start over)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Made in Belgium: Kate Ryan (update)

After years and years of fame through French covers and dance remixes of big hits, Kate Ryan is a bit more quiet lately. She is only bringing her own music anymore and shows a lot more maturity in doing so.   She featured this winter in a music show "love for music" where 4 artists in completely different styles were bringing interpretations of each other music. Very interesting to watch.

original post : here

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Parade of the Men of the Year in Jan's absense

While Jan is in the US I took Kabouter to the parade of the "Men of the year" anyhow even though Jan clearly couldn't participate this year. Kabouter loved to go and watch all the "boom boom boom" (the marching bands) and was even more delighted that there were trucks and old-timers going along as well.  Afterwards we had a drink and grabbed a bite together with some of the other men of 72, so we represented Jan a little bit.