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Count your blessings - November 2020

This is my monthly list of gratitude things.  Turns out this was also an assignment in the blogboost challenge so 2 birds in one blow. A couple of swans flying by above the city A week of vacation where we were still allowed to go to our weekend house in the east of Belgium (after our vacation to Gran Canaria got cancelled as was to be expected) Walking on average 9 kms a day during that vacation with the children Playing Pokémon Go with the entire family during our walks Sleeping more than 8 hours a day Starting to puzzle again My orchids that bloom for the 2nd time this year, a record in our house Sales figures that we never dared to dream off when we thought it all went crashing down when the pandemic launched. A backlog at work that finally after 9 months starts to go down.  Take away from a Michelin star restaurant to eat at home without needing to book a babysit Pandemic curves going down again just before medical system crashes Sneaking in the children's bedroom and give the

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