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The issue with pyjama pants

I was in conversation with a friend lately. We both didn't sleep very well for no obvious serious reasons. All of a sudden I blurted out that my pyjama pants drive me crazy.  They ride up my leg and I hate that. My friend exclaimed in recognition of the problem.  I love my bed and I love being in my bed. Especially in the winter when I tuck myself in and sink in my little nest. It is important for me that I am warm and that usually means I need to be fully covered.  Only in a big heatwave I risk sleeping (part of) the night on top of our sheets.  I sometimes even tuck a teddy bear in my lower back and I curse if Jan is turning and twisting in the bed and loosening the sheets, causing a breeze of cold air to move under the sheets.  So in that context you understand that I hate pyjama pants that ride up.  I curl up in bed but when I stretch out a leg...the pants ride up to my knee and  my lower leg is uncovered on the sheet that was still cold. uggggh. Dreadful.  But you know what is

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