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(Nightly) sirens in the US

Previous week  there were some big thunderstorms that finally ended the 2-month drought in Belgium. Unfortunately the lightning struck a house in the area of Leuven and set it on fire. The people escaped on time and there was only material damage.
The story reminded me that I've not told you about our nightly evacuation on our recent US vacation yet. We were staying at Virginia Beach for a couple of nights.  It wasn't uncommon on vacation that I didn't sleep through the night: sleeping in unknown hotel beds, 4 people in the room, the room that heated up when we turned off the airco, ...

In the middle of the night I wake up because Jan gets up. I assume he goes to the toilet and I turn around.  I'm a little annoyed because he opens our room door which wakes me up more. Now I hear that annoying car alarm out in the street more.  I don't want to wake up as it'll take more time to fall back asleep.
"We have to go", he says as he closes the door again.

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