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Walking in the East of Belgium in our vacation (part 2): Up and down around Reinhardstein castle in the Warche valley

I had enjoyed my solitary evening walk very much a few days before and when one of the next days, the boys decided to stay home and play there, I left again for another walk on my own. 
This time I choose an itinerary that we hadn't done anymore for at least 7 years because it is too challenging when highly pregnant/ carrying a baby on your belly/ pushing a stroller for your toddler etc.  I drove to the parking lot near the Robertville lake power dam and left off in the very steep Warche vally on the "dry" side of the dam.    It is only 5,5km long and just recently renewed with signage so easy to follow, but you must conquer quite some height differences. 

It doesn't take long on the narrow high path on the top of a steep hill, before you are rewarded with a first view on the Reinhardstein castle hidden in the valley.  It will not be the only time you get to see it and by the end of your walk you pass the castles entry gate. 

The road first winds up and down on top of t…

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