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Picnic along Robertville lake

 I love lazy mornings. Please leave me alone without plans for a while in the sofa, to doze a bit absent-mindedly, doing nothing in particular. So we noticed that we started going for walks a bit for lunch time and they got longer and then we were all hangry.  And it felt stupid also and a loss of time to always wait until after lunch to get going.   Hence Jan's idea to pack up our picknick and take it along.  And he's a man of action so a few days later a picknick backpack got delivered at home. And of course we immediately had to use it even though it was a rather chilly weekend with a nasty wind.  But for the children there was no doubt: we had to go and test the picknick backpack.  We were all of a sudden at a loss where we could walk to find a picknick bench. There aren't many on top of our mind but we chose one of our recent walks along Robertville lake.  And off we went.   At about 60% of the walk, perfect timing, we had arrived at the bench which fortunately was des

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