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The facelift of our walls

It took a full year to get the finishing touch but finally our walls in the east of Belgium got their facelift completed recently.   We started insulating them a year ago because we were literally heating the outside aire over ecological and economic disaster so it was worth to invest in better insulation. 

We have applied on the outside of the existing walls a new layer of insulation and then applied on top of that a mixture of wood and a plaster coating with a stone layer on the bottom (against splashing water drops).  It's the elements that you see very frequently in the local building styles so it fits in right in the area and it's not too disruptive compared to the old style (still visible at the neighbour's houses).   While the investment was not triggered for an aesthetic facelift, I am very happy with the aesthetic improvement. 

This was the situation a year ago here when we started the works.

And now we realized the gutters need replacement, but they are so…

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