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We keep on turning #wedraaiendoor: Kate Bush - Army Dreamers

Each Tuesday and Thursday Anne from  Satur9's World  and myself, play a musical pingpong game where we choose a new music song based on each other's previous choice by association of a name, style, lyric, style, location or whatever crosses in our mind. We never know what the next song will be chosen and are forced to explore beyond our comfort zone due to each other's choices.     You can find our in the mean time long and fun playlist on  Spotify  and op  Youtube . Subscribing to it is possible!  Anne chose the fantastic lullaby Mountain man this week. Aaaah I'm rocking slowly forward while thinking of a follow-up.   There's the Man... a type of man. There's more type of men... Mumford & sons - Little lion man Billy joel : Piano man Crash kings - Mountain man But I wanted to find a 3 4 rhythm song that was so apparent in The Mountain Man and that has that mesmerizing moving effect on I googled for walzing rhythms and for mountain songs...But the c

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