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Random points

I seem to have less time and inspiration to blog lately.   There's been more days without a posting and I've found myself a few times behind a blank post and the writing didn't come.  It's partially because of the 2 funerals that were in my mind the last weeks which make all other topics seem so trivial to write about. It's also because I'm very busy at work and sometimes I type some blogposts quickly during a lunch break.   And in my evening time, I've been too tired to write anything coherent or I use my "computer" time differently eg preparing my tax declaration or switching documents from my old laptop to a newer laptop.

Nevertheless I still have a bit backlog of US vacation posts that I want to write and other things we've been doing in the recent weekends.
My 3000th published post has come by and it was sad one unfortunately.
Last week, I spent 2 days on workshop in Denmark. As always the meetings were combined with good attention for some …

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