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One week with this cute little mr mischief

I've taken things out of the cupboards and everywhere where I shouldn't have taken them: countless timesI've moved the table a few meters twiceI've been drawing on my face twiceI tumbled in the bathtub with my clothes where my parents had to fish me out dripping wet with a bit of foam on my head onceI've emptied a tissue box three timesI've stepped down from a height and just barely didn't fall because my mom was fast enough to catch me onceI've found a cup of juice or water to throw on the floor (accidently) 3-4 times/ I tried to throw up my cup of milk in the air once  ...and I managed to get somehow the mug of cold (pheww!) coffee carefully placed in the middle of the big table supposedly out of my reach to throw it over myself.I unrolled the toilet paper roll once.I've been uber cute and super sweet countless times

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