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After our visit to our family on previous Saturday we were crazy enough to cross the entire country to drive to the Ardennes even though it was a bit of a rainy grey weekend.  The reason for doing so was the Brocante flea market in the village.  Since early Spring Kabouter had been asking when the flea market would be back and we had always answered in the Summer.
I really wasn't in the mood to go. I am not too much into flea's only rubbish I'd never consider buying and where I never understand anybody buys it.  But Kabouter sees an opportunity to score some cheap toys. He's our materialistic child that loves presents and getting new things and the flea market is one big treasure hunt.  He knows he can only get one thing so he needs to carefully scout, consider, return to recheck his options and in fact it's quite cute to see him like that.   Beertje just tags along, is happy if he sees something he likes but doesn't comment if he doesn't find…

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