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Swimming pool mom

Hi Beertje how was school today?  Where's your brother?

Hi Jan do you take the bags?  Ok see you later? Where's Beertje's hat? Did he forget it at school?

Come on boys, it's time to go get changed, we can go inside. Say bye to daddy.

Beertje wait wait, no ,  not here yet, go and sit on that bench over there to take off your shoes.  Yes, here, sit down and take off your shoes.  Just a second Kabouter, I'm not ready yet.
Where are your shoes?
Hey Beertje, just a second, wait a moment before you go in.  No!  We go in here in cabine 4.   Why? because we always go here, just go in, will you?   Your friend is here as well

Kabouter don't drop your pants on the floor, please, the floor is wet here. Come on, put your clothes on the bench, you should know that.
Beertje, stand still and take off your sweater.  Let me first take off my coat myself, I'm melting here.  First of all I need to take off my coat as well.

(to other parent) Yes I think it's more hot here …

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