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Being a tourist in Bruges

Jan had the ad hoc idea somewhere this week to go citytripping to Bruges over the past weekend. A rather last minute decision that took just a couple of minutes to decide even though we already had quite some things on the agenda on Saturday.  But on the other hand we know Bruges quite well. Both Jan and I have spent countless visits there with our parents when we were young. But we haven't been there anymore in the recent years. The fact that there is a new hotel near the train station where Jan has a high loyalty status, seemed a good occasion to just go.

So after family visits, Jan and the children took the train to Bruges whereas I continued some more family visits and caught up in a much needed reunion dinner with 2 of my friends.
After getting installed, the boys ventured out into the historic city for the first time. They saw a carnaval parade,  befriended the city's famous swans and visited the Frietmuseum (French fries museum). From what I hear, the latter sounds a bi…

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