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What I'm watching on tv this winter

I'm still a fairly traditional tv watcher.  Each night when the children are put in bed, I return downstairs for finally a moment of peace and quiet and usually I watch Thuis (with delay) and whatever is on afterwards on Eén.   And then it's time for bed already.  But also in the weekend I enjoy my part of the evenings in front of the tv screen for some traditional programmed tv. So what do I enjoy:  Thuis My guilty pleasure since decades.  Beau Séjour / Blackout Sunday nights are traditionally strong tv nights with Belgian quality series. In the previous months I enjoyed Black-out and currently I am watching Beau Séjour which is very strong as well.  Thrilling stories with plot twists and who done it questions.  Blind Getrouwd I've also watched previous years . I am not so much into it this year yet, but you always need to get to know the couples a bit but then curiosity takes over and I float along with the ups and downs of the couples.  I try to watch with empathy and kn

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