Wednesday, July 30, 2014

First time on a slide and on an inflated bounce castle

At Center Parcs Kabouter experienced for the first time a slide. I was holding him so couldn't see his facial's only when checking our pictures that I realise how much he was having a ball.


Most posts that appear on this blog are fun posts of things that we have done and that I want to share or want to have journaled for myself for the future.

But I've been quite shocked by the global political events lately and sometimes it seems so unreal and avoiding to just fill this place with funny grins and picnic pictures in the sun, while at the same time  you see in the news the images of the mass murder going on in Gaza, the MH17 crash site and the ghastly long row of hearses in the Netherlands etc...   In all honesty, the latter seemed far more impactfull than other news on the other airplane crashes last week since that flight seemed one we could have been on ourselves for a vacation trip.  Ugh, just imagine how fun plans literally can blow up due to a "far away" war that isn't that far away after all.

I'm not sure if it's my impression but then also my FB and Feedly seems to fill with announcements of deathly accidents, divorces, people awaiting news on potential frightful diseases, ...Thinking about all these gives me such a big nod in my stomac and a chill down my spine.

Yikes what is going on ? Why are we all so filled with hate, frustration and pain lately? Can this stop please? It seems that I can't do anything about them. Yet it makes me feel much more vulnerable as well.  Can it happen to me?

Fortunately I can relate to all of this from a deep sense of empathy while it doesn't touch my life directly. Fortunately I can continue to post fun events in my life while other's don't have that opportunity anymore.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Center Parcs without Rhythm & Blues festival

We have a tradition to go with friends for a weekend to a vacation park nearby the Belgium Rhythm & Blues festival.   (see here, here and here) . Due to a newborn baby, a pregnancy, family changes, ... the tradition got interrupted last year but we were back with a smaller group this year (2 weeks ago in the mean time...I'm constantly behind and catching up on this blog)

This time just 2 babies, which meant that the 2 mothers stayed behind and missed the festival. But I must say in all honesty that the men spent in solidarity much more time with us in the vacation park. We arrived in a heat wave but also lived through the thunderstorms that made an end to the heat and turned it into chilly whimsical weather.

We were hanging out the little house, went swimming a couple of times in the tropical swimming pools (Kabouter loved splashing endlessly in the kiddies pool!), saw the animals in the children's farm and went to the indoor play garden. And we got home twice as tired as we had left :D

Monday, July 28, 2014

Picnic in the park

Yesterday was another day of heat in the predicted "unstable" was freaking hot and humid, not pleasant at all.  While Kabouter was napping, we were resting (cfr yesterday) in the seat when one of the neighbours asked on FB whether we'd also go to the park.   Huh, why?  something happening there? 

Apparently there was a picnic music event in the park...a simple concept:   people hang out in the park, there are food stands and there is a DJ playing music.  It seemed good enough for us to pack up our picnic blanket and go and rest there. 

Unforatunately at the start of the evening big black clouds arrived and a frightening loud thunder+ lightening came down near by.  With a freaked out beating heart we quickly packed up, then hesitated as the thunderstorm seemed to simply blow by but we left after all.  We were just 5 min inside when the sky ruptured open and all rain just dumped down on the streets.  Phewww for us!  Too bad for orgisation though and all the food stands that were just ready for the dinner rush I would assume.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Our barnraising

Since we successfully destroyed my parent's old garden house , it was also time to build it up again. We've had a family wood painting day at the start of July and also 2 weeks ago a very frustrating rained out day where we all camped in the garage, doing a bit more painting shoulder to shoulder but most of all stared out of the window and then checking the rain radar online, cursing and irritating each other in the cramped space.  In the end, the big planned "barnraising" didn't happened then. It is crucial that the roof could be built & glued in dry and that couldn't happen.

This weekend predicted very unstable weather with a good chance of rain showers and thunderstorms.  After a lot of phoning back & forth, checking the forecast, we decided to give it a try anyway.  We took our chance once again and the entire family gathered at my parent's place again.  

My nephew had returned as a punk rockstar from his summer activities and was entertaining us with his new cool hairstyle.

the weather started off sunny, so the men quickly got started to get as much done as possible before the first showers could arrive.

The walls rose quickly and the rest of us could finish off the remaining painting to be done while the roof got hammered by 2 and a half men in the burning sun.  

After a very long hot & very tiring day....we did it  (and saw no rain).   next time some finishing touches such as attaching a rain drain & some doors and this project will be finished succesfully.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Along the Warche and at the lake

Another hot day with friends in the Ardennes....we headed in the woods and along the Warche river to find some shade and coolness and then headed to the lake beach.  The mass load of wild raspberries in the woods were a nice treat...even Kabouter couldn't get enough of these red sweet snacks.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

At Schwarzbach with friends

We have extended the long Belgian holiday weekend with 2 extra days and hang out with some friends in the Ardennes.   We hang out in the garden,  had a BBQ and made some walks.   The good life :)