Picnic in the park

Yesterday was another day of heat in the predicted "unstable" weekend....it was freaking hot and humid, not pleasant at all.  While Kabouter was napping, we were resting (cfr yesterday) in the seat when one of the neighbours asked on FB whether we'd also go to the park.   Huh, why?  something happening there? 

Apparently there was a picnic music event in the park...a simple concept:   people hang out in the park, there are food stands and there is a DJ playing music.  It seemed good enough for us to pack up our picnic blanket and go and rest there. 

Unforatunately at the start of the evening big black clouds arrived and a frightening loud thunder+ lightening came down near by.  With a freaked out beating heart we quickly packed up, then hesitated as the thunderstorm seemed to simply blow by but we left after all.  We were just 5 min inside when the sky ruptured open and all rain just dumped down on the streets.  Phewww for us!  Too bad for orgisation though and all the food stands that were just ready for the dinner rush I would assume.


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