Friday, November 27, 2015

10 years daycare

Previous weekend Kabouter's daycare celebrated it's 10th anniversary with a big children's party at an indoor playground. 

It was fun to see Kabouter interact with the ladies, go and hug them  and play along with his friends.  It's quite touching to see how some friendships are developing. When he returned to daycare after our vacation, he was welcomed very enthusiastically by his friend. They follow each other around, yet don't truly play "with" each other at that age.  We notice that other kids that are a bit more wild in their games, Kabouter avoids them.  

The big slide was a challenge. 2 of the kids of his age got over their fear right quickly and climbed the big slide while calling out for Kabouter who firmly stayed down. He went to stay in the ball area, in the little car while the others went sliding up and down.   After a long time, with the help of another dad and someone from the daycare he finally was up and let him slide not return until the very end with Jan when all bigger kids had been gone. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Snuggle moments

One of my favorite moments during our past vacation were the snuggle moments after swimming.   Our little Kabouter usually continued to swim and splash until all of a sudden he was too cold & tired. That switch always came rather sudden. The hotel was more in the hills which meant there was always a strong chilly wind.   So when he was ready to climb out of the pool, it was our task to pick up this little boy quickly and wrap him in dry towels to prevent him from cooling down too much before he turned into a miserable shivering baby. 

Our never sit still boy seemed to enjoy those wrapped moments and settled for a resting moment in our arms and even sometimes nestled himself comfortably to do a little nap.   I really enjoyed it as well to feel his little body so closely on me, enjoying each other, the sun, the rest.

In general he seems to search cuddles and hugs much more easily in the last months than before. I have no clue whether the end of breastfeeding is related, but when reading a book or watching/playing on the iPad, he'll always install himself against our arm/leg/belly...watching the screen in concentration while placing his hand gently on our body. He literally stays in touch with us very often. He also always responds with enthousiasm when we ask "Can mommy/daddy/the baby get a hug or a kiss".

On the' flight to Gran Canaria he slept 1,5h on my lap, belly against belly with his head resting on my chest.  On the flight back he didn't even make it awake until we were up in the air, but we managed to guide his dozing off body, buckled up in his own seat now. He ended up sleeping for 2h with his head resting on my leg and his hand on my belly. Very precious.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Made in Belgium: Alice on the Roof

I discovered some new music from the south of Belgium today.  I love the artists name that tickles your imagination.  The music adds to that fairy tale atmosphere. Interesting

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Playa del Inglés

It was a really overcast windy day at vacation when we got up so we decided to drive down the hill to Playa del Inglés to check out this vacation town. 

We found some quarters that desperately needed renovation but showed signs of old-time glory. More in south there were newer appartment blocks that looked nicer.

After a while the sun broke through the clouds and it was HOT and I was thirsty and we were on a walk through the city with no nearby terrace. Oh that drink at the beach when we were finally back there was so nice!!

so mother, so son

Monday, November 23, 2015

Sinterklaas comes first at the grandparents

The Paris attacks didn't stop Sinterklaas last week to arrive officially in Belgium in Antwerp and the Netherlands in Meppel with a big live tv show  (at the same time...the holy man is magical).  And clearly he already found time this week to pass at the grandparents.

We had planned to tour the grandparents and in between go and see the arrival of Sinterklaas by boat in the city center of my hometown just after lunch. But this morning I realised I had the timing wrong and we'd not be able to make it.   I felt quite disappointed as I had looked forward to take Kabouter to the arrival of Sinterklaas. But then it was pouring hail/rain/meling snow and I felt less guilty.

And so we just visited all the grandparents and Kabouter was delighted by all the new toys that had already arrived there. 

We also showed some movies & pictures from vacation which brought back good memories

Father and son were reading some books together and then we tested an old bike in the shed which was still more than a year too big but we had a good pushed testride nevertheless, training Kabouter's steering capabilities.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

My body #boostmypositivity

Hmm due to workload, fatigue and then vacation I've totally missed the boat with the #boostmypositivy blog action in Belgium. Oh well, it seems to be my habit to join actions when they are over. So be it.

So my body...interesting topic when your are pregnant and your belly becomes an autonomous growing moving object where you stare at in amazement and disbelief.  I can sure tell you that I'm expanding at a much faster rate than when I was expecting Kabouter.   My first suspicion that I might be pregnant was in fact a sudden weight increase and tight pants and indeed, the first speculations at work started behind my back before I had even taken a pregnancy test. Ouch.

While I was guessing that the others were guessing over summer, I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed my inside joke when seeing their doubts.  I was clearly gaining weight and popping out, but it's for a good fun reason so I don't mind very much.  After birth of Kabouter I in fact arrived at -6k of pre-pregnancy weight so I am not too worried about gaining weight now.

The only difficulty with pregnancy weight is the constant search for new comfortable clothes. It doesn't help if one pregnancy was in summer and the other in winter. Fortunately pregnancy pants can be very comfy and sometimes I miss them afterwards...hahaha they should fit all pants with such a huge elastic.

I'm surprised however that the physical discomfort is already starting. The last month with Kabouter was really tough: those last 4 weeks are too much.  and I remember that long walks in the last 2,5 months became difficult. But I'm already running out of breath now sometimes on a staircase, already I have to tell Jan to slow down when walking down the street.  Hmm, clearly my physical condition is nihil...that's something I never built up entirely anymore after the birth of Kabouter.
And doing that now, is a challenge.   Kelly from Talesfromthecrib wrote about her challenge to keep moving while being pregnant as well.

Other than that, I'm not very obsessed with my body. It's not perfect, it's not bad.  My weight started to annoy me a few years ago when it steadily went up during my part-time life in hotels.  In fact I had just started weight watchers when I found out I was pregnant of Kabouter.   But as stated above, breastfeeding a long time and not living part-time in hotels anymore made me lose weight after birth quite easily .

I'd love to change the multiple allergies that cause excema every x weeks. It's the reason why I never wear make-up anymore , neither jewelry. So always a pretty "natural" look for me, potentially with reddish half swollen eyes. I don't give it much thought anymore to be honest.

So all in all, I am not very obsessed with my body, it's generally fine as it is.  How about you?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Beach time at Puerto de Mogan

A Swedish-US family with toddler really recommended us the beach of Puerto de Mogan, so we checked it out on one of the afternoons to give Kabouter some "sandy" time.  He didn't quite have the patience yet to build a sand castle but burying the truck in the sand was a lot of fun and a serious task. He also enjoyed watching the boats come by , especially when he discovered the ship of Piet Piraat out in the bay.

The little town indeed has a nice sandy bay with some terraces around and a little port.  It's nicknamed Venice due to canals in town but we clearly didn't walk around enough as I only saw one.