Monday, July 27, 2009

Beleuvenissen Tropical

The Beleuvenissen editions with theme folk and tropical have always been my favourites and since there was no folk edition this year, I was very much looking forward to the tropical one. There's nothing like some salsa or rumba in a medieval city, a cocktail and some tropical weather (granted that the weather gods want to cooperate). It didn't look as if they were inspired to do the latter though so we headed out with a sweater and good rain coat. In the end it remained dry after all.

When almost reaching the Oude Markt a familiar Dinky Toys voice came around the corner already. Oh gosh, teenager memories came back :p. ...We listened a while to Coco Junior who is of course a top performer but he couldn't touch us very much. At the De Laeyensplein there was more authentic music and soon our feet were tapping at the salsa rhythms as well. Here and there people started dancing, some more successful while others showed quite "creative" moves :p.

The Grote Markt brought some contageous rhythmic Samba. We fled away however when a little later a brass orchestra accompagnied a singer whose Spanish accent sounded as flat and aweful as his Dutch dialect.

At the Vismarkt a group named "El Crème Glace Quès" was scheduled. A group where all band members were named after ice creme tastes such as Pistache sounds very humerous so we had to check them out. Unfortunately their second session had to be delayed a bit...especially unfortunate for the man who needed emergency medical services and had to be taken away in an ambulance accompagnied by a MUG. Fortunately he looked concious and the medical staff looked more relaxed when they drove up, so I hope he had an ok night at the hospital.
The 'ice creams' sure were bursting with energy and displayed a good healthy portion of maddness, reminding me of Madness's 'Nightboat to Cairo". My legs soon felt like jogging around the square with my knees high up while waving my arms around. Wooot wooot!! Maybe that's what the unfortunate man had been doing. Anyway the ice cream group didn't melt down at any moment and I wondered what those guys had been taking to remain so energetic. Their songs weren't always as accurate and they sure had to work on their articulation as we didn't get all the lyrics at all but they sure won us over by their energy and enthousiasm. Ha, next time I see them on a billboard I'll sure check them out again!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camping weekend with the dive club

Last year the diving/camping weekend turned out a big success and so it was put on the agenda again. Yearly traditions always get created by repeating the first edition, right? Despite the bad weather predictions we were brave enough to book 4 nights, profiting from the Belgian national holiday on Tuesday. We were camping near Walcourt and went diving in Les Lacs de L'Eau d'Heure (Belgium's biggest lake area) where we've been a couple of times before and also in the former quarry at La Roche Fontaine. As for the weather we were very greatfull that the massive rainfall restricted itself to the nights and just before our dives (oh no our wetsuits get wet ;) ).

La Roche Fontaine has some sunken boats and a fighter plane to see under the water.

In Wallonia the dive spots have access control unlike some lakes in Flanders or the river estuarium in the Netherlands and we could not be diving each day. That's ok though....divers have other interests as well such as:

  • getting wet in other ways:

  • visiting the power dam which we've seen so often from a bit further up but never bothered to check out closer:

  • Nice well-known beers as well as some newly discovered local brands.
    (yes of course only after diving... we are safe divers!)

  • putting things on fire

  • Eating chips, chocolate, cookies, marshmellows, candy, ...

  • And hanging out together

It was fun !!

Evian Roller Babies

This commercial just cracks me up every time. I love it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A causal flow ...or how you end up putting your dirty dishes outside

Tonight in our kitchen

"Oh yes I've put the dirty dishes outside this morning"
" what?"
[explosion of laughter]

So what I meant to say was that I had put the garbage outside this morning. I've said more nonsense things. Today I've also giggled up to tears over some silly typo on my screen; I've managed to put my empty cup twice under the wrong coffee machine's opening while watching with some confusion how the coffee was pouring next to my cup; I've been extremely grumpy and irritated over anyone who demanded my attention when I had no energy for that.


Well I've had a true lack of sleep yesterday
because I worked very late and got up very early to finish
because I had not been able to finish off the tests that I needed to complete after the upgrade of the system (and the UK supplier had not been able to finish their last fix either and I had to manage on my own)
because we all had lost connections to the servers in the middle of a test
because some very big thunderstorm near the office had taken both the internet connection down and had set the entire region around our HQ offices without electricity
because it took hours before the security agency could open the terrain to some technicians wanting to go onsite on a holiday due to the massive amount of such requests and because the electricity company could not send a technician right away either...

So how did you spend the Belgian holiday?

Have a good night...I'm off to bed. I need to catch up a bit.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our wedding: the dinner and the party

Our wedding day ended with a big dinner in the evening and a nightly party celebrated with our best friends and family.

We had put disposable camera's on each table which everybody could use to take pictures from the atmosphere at the table during the evening. It's quite funny to see some recurring themes :

eg: lots of people were in a kissing mood :)

or Jan's hat has apparently been travelling around well :)

My parents and my sister & her husband enjoying themselves!

Half past midnight it was our turn to open the dancefloor on "Liefde is alles" from Bart Peeters

And from then on the dancefloor was open for everybody and hasn't emptied until the early morning!

Excellent Belgian quality products kept us going :)

The later it got, the more inspirational the pictures :) :)

And we danced until we dropped ! Woohoo party!