A causal flow ...or how you end up putting your dirty dishes outside

Tonight in our kitchen

"Oh yes I've put the dirty dishes outside this morning"
" what?"
[explosion of laughter]

So what I meant to say was that I had put the garbage outside this morning. I've said more nonsense things. Today I've also giggled up to tears over some silly typo on my screen; I've managed to put my empty cup twice under the wrong coffee machine's opening while watching with some confusion how the coffee was pouring next to my cup; I've been extremely grumpy and irritated over anyone who demanded my attention when I had no energy for that.


Well I've had a true lack of sleep yesterday
because I worked very late and got up very early to finish
because I had not been able to finish off the tests that I needed to complete after the upgrade of the system (and the UK supplier had not been able to finish their last fix either and I had to manage on my own)
because we all had lost connections to the servers in the middle of a test
because some very big thunderstorm near the office had taken both the internet connection down and had set the entire region around our HQ offices without electricity
because it took hours before the security agency could open the terrain to some technicians wanting to go onsite on a holiday due to the massive amount of such requests and because the electricity company could not send a technician right away either...

So how did you spend the Belgian holiday?

Have a good night...I'm off to bed. I need to catch up a bit.


Hope you slept well.

D had several weeks like that this spring. It was not. fun.

I hope today is much, much easier.
anno said…
Oh, dear. I hope things are much, much better for you now.

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