Monday, August 31, 2015

Guess why I was so tired tonight?

I brought our little Kabouter home like this from his cousin's birthday party.

Guess why:

I ate my carrot potatoes well

I puzzled with blocks with oma and opa

I played with cars with my cousin

I jumped on the trampoline in crazy hot weather

I soaked a few hours with many duckies in a laundry basket

We ate cake

I built towers with my aunt

I read books with my uncle

And I splashed myself soaking wet again in the fountain

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Friday, August 28, 2015

Feeding the ducks and pigeons

A lady and her son were feeding a few bags of old bread to the ducks at the inner court yard of Christiansborg. When she noticed that Kabouter was watching the ducks, she gave us very genererously 2 big chuncks of loafs for Kabouter to feed. Very very nice of her as it gave us 20 minutes of great fun.

Kabouter had fun throwing pieces out (but did not manage to throw them at some distance away), but each time the ducks or pigeons approached to come and pick the bread he cautiously walked backwards...followed by many hungry birds. So we had to guide him a bit to prevent that he disappeared in the back hedge of the garden with the pigeons on top of him  ...well Kabouter ended mostly on our lap while we were holding out pieces of bread. he had fun tough and so did we.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lego - canal boat trip + inner court yards

On Saturday afternoon we were obliged to sit at some terraces for some drinks while waiting for Kabouter to have his nap as we didn't want to join our planned canal boat tour while he was asleep. (and he really needed this nap but we'd have to wake him up in order to board the boat).   Life can be tough ;).
On our way to the boat, we made a stop in the flagship downtown LEGO store where they clearly have toys that interest all ages :p. 

Then we boarded on a stereotypical tourist canal boat tour which brought us again along some of the monuments we had seen already a couple of times (Opera, Library, Palace and little mermaid, the "Dutch canals" at Christianshaven etc...)  but also toured further and passed some very nice residential waterside properties!
Kabouter was very pleased with the many bridges we toured under :p.

royal yacht

Danish marine manouvring in the port

unclear boat selfie in the modern library building
Before returning with tired feet to the hotel, we zigzagged through the Christianborg palace neighbourhood  (the former old royal palaces...often destroyed & rebuilt).  There was a nice view at the buildings at the royal stables parade ground but a bit further is a true little gem sortwhat hidden inner court yard. A true oasis of tranquility and beauty surrounded by the busy commercial city center.