Feeding the ducks and pigeons

A lady and her son were feeding a few bags of old bread to the ducks at the inner court yard of Christiansborg. When she noticed that Kabouter was watching the ducks, she gave us very genererously 2 big chuncks of loafs for Kabouter to feed. Very very nice of her as it gave us 20 minutes of great fun.

Kabouter had fun throwing pieces out (but did not manage to throw them at some distance away), but each time the ducks or pigeons approached to come and pick the bread he cautiously walked backwards...followed by many hungry birds. So we had to guide him a bit to prevent that he disappeared in the back hedge of the garden with the pigeons on top of him  ...well Kabouter ended mostly on our lap while we were holding out pieces of bread. he had fun tough and so did we.


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