Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Made in Belgium: Little trouble kids

Little trouble kids, formarly known as Boston Tea Party, are a noise rock duo producing songs mainly with a drumbox, a guitar and vocals.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Made in Belgium: Billie Kawende

Last Sunday we went to a concert of Selah Sue in the renovated concerthall in Leuven.  And Selah Sue had chosen Billie Kawende as her supporting act.   I was quite impressed  by her soul voice.

Monday, November 19, 2012

I sense a theme

On Friday we had a whiskey tasting  

and on Saturday we had visitors from Edinburgh

ha, I sense a growing theme here! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Strolling to the train station to pick up some friends

The sidewalk is full of orange brown red leaves
some big, some small
A bit further a chalk text announces we are now officially outside the city center
...good to know

An chalk arrow further points towards the train station.
We are very tempted to add one pointing in the opposite direction
but fortunately we don't carry chalk in our pocket.

Some dogs lead their owners to the dog run area.

We take a seat in the coffee bar while waiting
with view on the bus station
where busses empty their bellies with people continuously dispersing in all areas

A group of Scout girls all of a sudden release a collective shriek
without obvious reason
pauzing the entire bus station for a moment in astonishment

All of a sudden a canvas frame drops on the floor,
the lady nearby turning red
looking up down around gesturing nervously with her hands.

There's no damage so the canvas hangs fast back on its spot
and she escapes the room quickly and relieved
while the coffee bags now conquer gravity on the wall.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Open Door at the Park Abbey

(this is an old post from about 4 weeks ago that I never had the time to complete and that winter is ready to take-over from fall, I am nostalgic to warm sunny days, even warm fall days where I got out of the door for the last time in just a sweater. Lovely.  So time to dust this draft off and get these lovely pictures published).

Yesterday there were visiting days at the Park Abbey closeby where we live.  It's such a lovely historic domain just around the corner where we also had our wedding.

There's only 3 monks living and working in the abbey anymore together with a priest but the domains have been sold in a leasehold estate to the city of Leuven and to the organisation "Aid to the Church in need".  So some of the buildings are currently offices of organisations, some college rooms, ... A lot of the buildings were in urgent need of restaurantion which started in the last decade, with the guest house building next to the church (just finished a few weeks before our wedding and currently a museum) and the last years the big entry gates have been renewed. Currently there is drastic works going on to restore the old water mill.

So mid October there was an "open door/ open construction site day" where you could visit the ongoing works, get info on the different phases of the renovations going on on the domains for the next decade.

Even though I haven often been at the abbey and my running route goes around the abbey's fish pounds, I still discovered parts of the garden on one side of the domain I had never explored before. It was gorgeous and lots of people enjoyed the sunny day to stroll around and explore.

former stables still need to get restaured ...they can't get a new purpose due to huge levels of salt in walls after centuries of dung.

Bijschrift toevoegen

view on fish ponds

Inside the Abbey

Bee lodging

Watermill in restauration

Completed renewed entrance gate with room for performances upstairs

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Made in Belgium: Crema Kawa

This weekend I heard on the radio that a Belgian group reached a number one hit in Spain. Awesome! I had never heard of 'Crema Kawa' but when they played 'Mon Quartier ' on the radio I heard the Flemish Manu Chao. Love it!! How come they aren't superstars in Belgium yet?  Yet they reminded me of a concert I had seen at Beleuvenissen Tropical some years ago. 

It turns out that Crema Kawa is in fact one and the same as the former group El Creme Glace Que that I had seen then...still the same energetic crazy bunch from Antwerp.  And it's my fault I didn't know them yet as they've been at plenty of festivals over the last 2 summers where there's room for tropical coppers. 

So....when will they get Belgian number one hit? Let's all buy the single ;)

Mon Quartier

Don't you love the setting of Pole Pole festival in downtown medieval Ghent during the festival of Ghent!?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meet the Bonaireans part I

 Many many turtles

Gorgeous lettuce sea slug

Flamingo Tongue

Feather duster worms

spider crab

Tropical Netherlands

While fall struck hard , we escaped at the end of October to one of the Netherlands Antilles,   well south of the path of Sandy.  Tropical paradise where temps are always above 30C (both water :) ).   We were in fun company of a diveclub around Leuven so after diving, there was plenty of time to socialise & drink around the pool.

Aaaah, wish I was still there.

our outdoor kitchen on the terrace

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall walk in the woods

We had done this walk in October last year  and although most leaves are off the trees by now, we chose to drive the few extra kms anyway to enjoy the forest full of beech and the fall colors cut by multiple little creeks.   The sun was out although I promised myself to bring my hat and gloves for the next walk.   Nevertheless it was lovely to be out in the woods had been too long.