Strolling to the train station to pick up some friends

The sidewalk is full of orange brown red leaves
some big, some small
A bit further a chalk text announces we are now officially outside the city center
...good to know

An chalk arrow further points towards the train station.
We are very tempted to add one pointing in the opposite direction
but fortunately we don't carry chalk in our pocket.

Some dogs lead their owners to the dog run area.

We take a seat in the coffee bar while waiting
with view on the bus station
where busses empty their bellies with people continuously dispersing in all areas

A group of Scout girls all of a sudden release a collective shriek
without obvious reason
pauzing the entire bus station for a moment in astonishment

All of a sudden a canvas frame drops on the floor,
the lady nearby turning red
looking up down around gesturing nervously with her hands.

There's no damage so the canvas hangs fast back on its spot
and she escapes the room quickly and relieved
while the coffee bags now conquer gravity on the wall.


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