Monday, March 31, 2014


We did not only go to Berlin 2 weeks ago but also visited nearby Potsdam.  I had no idea how far Potsdam was and what there was to see, but fortunately Jan did. So glad we went there as it's definitely worth a visit!
Potsdam can easily be reached e.g. by 30 min train ride and was the place of the summer residence palaces of the Hohernzollern monarchs.

We were told to go early in the morning as it can be quite busy there.  All in all the crowds weren't bad at all but a lot of palaces weren't open yet until April/May.  Looking at the rhododendrons lined up in the big alleys in the park, I can imagine it's absolutely gorgeous there in a couple of months and that it would draw big packs of people escaping the big city or tourists admiring the beauty around.

The Neues Palais & The Communs


The Altes Mühle

Palais Sanssoucis

The Holland neighbourhood (for imported craftsmen working on the palaces)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunny walk through Heverlee

It's not the first glorious sunny weekend this month...3 weeks ago there was just as much summerly sunshine and warm temperatures. You have already seen how Kabouter met some ducks & a rabbit, but that was in fact the end of a very nice walk.  We sometimes forget that we don't need to drive to the Ardennes to have a walk in the woods as Leuven is in fact bordered in the south by some nice big woods...some of Flander's biggest.

Kabouter decided that leaning backwards in his stroller is for woossies and that sleeping was definitely not done. Instead he leaned forward to ensure he noticed everything that came by and happened on our way.

On every terrace & grassfield groups of people were enjoying the sun. It seems like the city had spit out all of a sudden all inhabitants again after winter (..ok, what do you call a winter?   that mild raining stormy period over the previous months) to get out in their pale skins.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sunny day in the Ardennes

They predicted a sunny warm weekend, so although Jan's gone for the weekend with some friends, I decided to go to the Ardennes alone with Kabouter.   Most of the afternoon we spent outside and we enjoyed some ad-hoc visits from (former) neighbours that came to say hi to Kabouter, who was of course smiling again under all of the attention. He couldn't play yet with the neighbour boy but I'm sure that'll change over the next year once they are both more mobile. 

He's not a big fan of the sun so far, but with his little new hat and with his back to the sun, he seemed to enjoy himself outside for the first time in our garden.

My cooking on the other hand was not much appreciated. We've started since a week to offer some vegatables and he took it fairly ok (mind you, no big quantities, we don't aim for that anyway).  It was fun to try some of my spinach mashed potatoes but none of it got actually swallowed. Poooh, next time daddy can cook again.

It was soon later than anticipated but before sunset we took off for another short walk to the castle.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Made in Belgium: Yevgueni updated

The time that Yevgueni was "new" has been long past us and now they are one of the well-respected classic groups in the Dutchspeaking 'kleinkunst' /poprock.  Over the last years they've made some more successful albums. As always I find their music so pure, down to earth, authentic.


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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Last weekend we were in a city that has/had plenty of room for modern architecture

Some of the recent government buildings

The Bundeskanzleramt...or Angela's cool office , as we said

The Dome of the Reichtag

And the city still looks like one huge construction site everywhere!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Last weekend we were in a city at the heart of some of Europe's blackest history

May we never forget and may we learn from history...(given recent political events , I wonder if we do)

Monument for victims of fascism and militarism

Monument for Roma, ...& other gypsies

Monument of remembrance of the Holocaust

Remainder of the Berlin wall

The Berlin wall + fundaments of Ministries of "terror" (Gestapo, SS, SD, ...)

The post war division of Berlin

The ruins of the Remembrance church

the old Jewish cemetory

The Synagogue that was burnt down at the Kristallnacht