We did not only go to Berlin 2 weeks ago but also visited nearby Potsdam.  I had no idea how far Potsdam was and what there was to see, but fortunately Jan did. So glad we went there as it's definitely worth a visit!
Potsdam can easily be reached e.g. by 30 min train ride and was the place of the summer residence palaces of the Hohernzollern monarchs.

We were told to go early in the morning as it can be quite busy there.  All in all the crowds weren't bad at all but a lot of palaces weren't open yet until April/May.  Looking at the rhododendrons lined up in the big alleys in the park, I can imagine it's absolutely gorgeous there in a couple of months and that it would draw big packs of people escaping the big city or tourists admiring the beauty around.

The Neues Palais & The Communs


The Altes Mühle

Palais Sanssoucis

The Holland neighbourhood (for imported craftsmen working on the palaces)


Brian Miller said…
so much history and grand architecture in europe....so much older than our young nation...
Jennifer Brown said…
So beautiful! You are lucky to live close to such beauty.


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