Sunday, August 31, 2014

The men of '64 have seen Abraham

Yesterday it was Abraham day for the "Men of the year '64" who were celebrated for their 50th birthday.  And the men of the year '72 were present, as well as little Kabouter who was wearing their logo happily. 

First there's always a small ceremony at the entrance of the park at the Abraham statue where also all the years that have celebrated before have a little plaque on a wall.

The new friends of the year '75 are getting founded, to be ready next year for their first active year

In a small parade everyone goes to the other side of the park where Kamerood 60 gets dressed by the new active year, by the men of '74, who celebrate their 40th birthday .

The men of '64 who have seen Abraham this year

Kamerood Zestig, dressed by the men of '74

There's time for more speeches, some music & a reception.

(c) Joel Hoylaerts

Then it was time for me to put Kabouter in bed for a nap and hide myself for the upcoming rain, waiting for my man to come home a bit later. But the rest of the crowd went downtown to dress up Fonske in the costume of the men of '74 and parade to the station.  (I stole this picture from a friend's twitter feed, taken later on when it was dry again).

Friday, August 29, 2014

Good appetite

He's still principally on a milk diet, but at the same time we love to introduce him as much different healthy foods as we can ...but on a birthday party weekend we couldn't avoid him getting some cake to try as well. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The sack of Leuven

The ruins of Leuven at the end of August 1914 after the city had been set on fire

for the Dutchspeaking among you that want to know more about the events of WWI in our area:  do read the historic diary extracts on  day to day basis from all events.    They read like a horrible thriller and make it all so real!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Made in Belgium: Nemo

In the 90ies there was a band "Nemo", who participated in Humo's Rock rally and reached the final.   They existed between '91 and '98 but I can't remember hearing them on the radio.


A wakeboard demonstration with your brand new pink board cool can you be at your birthday party?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another birthday party this weekend

Just a few days after my nephew, my niece is celebrating her birthday.  Party time again!

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 1914 ....Leuven on fire

August 25, 1914  approximately at 8 PM:  Gunshoots are heard from the big square at the train station. Who shot them? Where did they come from?  The German troops are hit and reply the firing.  Where they shot from the nearby houses & hotels? Seemingly also from the hotels where the troops were housed.

[The Germans claim Belgain "franc-tireur" , civilian rebels had attacked them. A valid reason according to them to take revenge.  Since their war in France in 1870, the German army was very afraid  of these guerrilla, a new concept in warfair.    The stories about them were kept alive among the German troops and justified their horror approach in their occupied cities where attrocities & execution and destruction were used to keep the population under control e.g. 2 days before they had just executed 674 citizens of Dinant.   Historic research has proven there were no "franc-tireurs" active in the Belgian occupied cities.]

An officer pointed to a house where the shooting would have come from and an 82 year old man and his son were quickly dragged out and executed.  It was the start of houses being ravaged and set to fire while citizens were captured & executed or deported to Germany. The setting afire was not made random as fosfor tablets where used which made it impossible to put out the fire, while the city hall (where the new German command was staying ) was spared as well as the house where American representatives were staying (as US was not at war with Germany yet).  The city center was ablaze for 3 days ...1081 houses were completely destroyed, more than 200 citizens were executed (incl children) and the others were expelled.

Also the historic university library with all its medieval scriptures & cultural treasures was set on fire and became an international symbol for the attrocities in the Belgian martyr cities. 

So when you walk in nowadays through Leuven and you admire our "historic" buildings...look up at the facades and look at this plaque at this facade...and then at the one next to it, and the one next to it, and the one next to it, and the one next to it...and remember how a city can be entirely destroyed in one war-night. 

Birthday & anniversary

On Saturday we celebrated a birthday and an anniversary, so that deserved a lot of hurrahs!