Thursday, March 31, 2016

Count your blessings - March 2016

  1. A precious new little boy you get to hold in your arms for the first time to fall in love with
  2. The facial expression of an infant when it releases your breast fulfilled and falls asleep using that breast as a soft pillow.
  3. Maternity help at home that sends you to your bed to catch up sleep
  4. Dad's hands that manage to still cramps effectively
  5. A comforting latte
  6. The soft skin of an infant
  7. The smell of a toddler coming out of the bath tub
  8. A super sweet toddler softly stroking his baby brother
  9. A week difference between the date of the terrorist attacks and the date that most of my inlaws were leaving on vacation...(and then hearing speculations that the attacks came a week early and had originally been planned for Easter Monday).
    3 kms between Jans office and the terrorism attacks
    No colleagues or friends hurt, even people we know that work at the airport or travel that metro.

    the fact that evil brings people together and creates immediate solidarity. The fact that love and beauty will always conquer in the end.
  10. Daffodils all over the city

Some bloggers like Gerhildemaakt  or Upje blog regularly about simple things in their lives that make them happy.  Those are fun simple posts that are recognisable and make me smile. And as the world often seems full of negativity and disaster, I also want to list some things that make me happy in my daily life. This is the 2nd edition. the first times you can read here and here

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter family visits

Until this weekend, Beertje had only been in Leuven. He drinks very often each day so I was hesitant to put him in a car and start driving around, as I am not fond of driving around with a crying hungry baby neither is it fun to spend much time in the highway parking lots feeding an infant in an uncomfortable position in the car.

But after almost 4 weeks it was time to spread our wings and leave my cocoon at home to go and wish our family a happy Easter. After all the Easter Bunny had left easter eggs for Kabouter everywhere to collect.

Much to my relief Beertje fell asleep in the car right away and so did his brother,  so we spent a long drive in silence. Pheeeew, big relief! (hey...freedom: we can go to places with the baby ;) ).

And so Kabouter could unpack the eggs "found by his grandparents in the garden" while Beertje got all the attention from his grandparents.

At the next stop, Kabouter and Beertje could hang out with their cousins and the oldest could hunt down some more easter eggs in the garden.

After both visits, we drove home. This time there was no silence as Jan and Kabouter were having their usual sing-along in the car while I was counting down the time that I'd be home ready to crash in my bed. Days without naps are still deadly!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Exploring the school

His big day is only in 2 weeks but today Kabouter was welcome to come and explore his future class at nursery school this afternoon. He has no clue yet that his days at the daycare are counted and that a whole new world is going to open to him.

We arrived in an empty class as all the kids had just gone to the bathroom, so Kabouter discovered right away some toys on his own. When the other kids already in school arrived back in the classroom however, he observed from some distance with some initial shyness.   While the teacher welcomed him and asked his name (and the name of his brother sleeping on my brother etc) he didn't find his voice right away.
He quickly launched himself at some toys again in a quiet corner of the room.

But with the help of some other kids interacting and inviting him to his game, he slowly absorbed in the group. They listened to some story reading, he followed the other kids outside at playtime.  By the end of the afternoon the smallest kid in the school was running around with loud shrieks on the playground as if he totally belonged there.

"Fun" was his conclusion of his visit to his future school.
We are confident it'll be good. But it'll be a big change for him and maybe even more to us to have a kid that is starting school after the Easter vacation. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Long roads

Everyday , once twice or more a "long road" needs to be constructed across our living room.  


11-9-2001   New York
11-3-2004   Madrid
7-7-2005     London
13-11-2015 Paris
22-3-2016   Brussels

A sad very very incomplete list of terrorist attacks in the Western World and the rest of the world.  So terrorism has arrived in our backyard at 25 kms from our door at a spot where Jan comes by almost every week and at a few km of his office.

I was in the middle of struggling getting my ill Kabouter to eat some breakfast while soothing our little Bear just 10 min after Jan had left for the office, when he phoned me.
"Did you hear already?"
"No, what?"
In all honesty, I live currently with my phone in my hand, but I had not seen the 10 min old developing story on twitter on the blasts in the airport.

So what to say. There are no words.
I didn't feel scared this week unlike during the Paris attacks. Maybe we realize already long enough that the terrorists are among us and that no armed soldiers at train stations and public squares can really stop them if they want to hurt us. But I do feel very very vulnerable.   As vulnerable as you can feel as a mom holding young lives in your arms that you want to protect with all your life.

I had to shut down tv and the endless news editions, the speculations, the discussions who to blame, etc.   But the images of mourning people gathering, made me so sad. The minute of silence yesterday gave me tears.

Let's all invest in our relations with our near ones, let's invest in love.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A small gift

I used to pluck flowers, when I was a kid and we visited my grandmother. I ran outside to the partially grass driveway and picked a handful of daisies which she put in a simple glass of water in the kitchen.

Since a few weeks, Kabouter has learned to pluck some daisies in the park on his way back from daycare.  And now I receive a tiny handful of flowers when he comes home.

Small gifts , big treasures.
Beauty & love to focus on these days

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Facial expressions: his dad

Beertje sure must think he has the weirdest dad ever ...or the coolest. We'll have to ask him again later on when showing him this post.

The last picture makes me think of some of the facial expressions in Calvin and Hobbes :D

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The post pregnancy (diabetes) menu

Oh yes, I am working through my list! Although some habits seem to have rooted: I still catch myself taking 4 grapes and walking on before I remind myself that I'm allowed to take more of them if I feel like it without consequences.   Or I'm still about to throw away Kabouter's unfinished cup of juice when I remember that I can now drink from his glass and I can drink juice...oh and while that sip of juice tasted like more, I can actually pour myself a glass of juice.

Jan already brought myself some bakery breakfast pastries in the hospital to brighten up the very bare and sad bread and jam breakfasts you get there (while I was still getting blood sugar levels measured and had an unusual high "before lunch" level ;) ) and he brought in paté and américain. Unfortunately the fridge in the room was working rather poorly so he had to take it home again before it'd go bad.

I must say: it all tastes delicious!!! And I don't miss my overload of cheese, nuts, yoghurt and avocado yet!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A first walk with 4

I've not been outside that much yet in all honesty as I need/use a lot of the potential time during daytime for napping to catch up with the missed & interrupted sleep at night.  Yet it's been a nice couple of days. Stimulated by Jan, we've made already a few walks with our new family of 4.

This was our first walk in and around the abbey in the first weekend we were all home (in between hail showers).