11-9-2001   New York
11-3-2004   Madrid
7-7-2005     London
13-11-2015 Paris
22-3-2016   Brussels

A sad very very incomplete list of terrorist attacks in the Western World and the rest of the world.  So terrorism has arrived in our backyard at 25 kms from our door at a spot where Jan comes by almost every week and at a few km of his office.

I was in the middle of struggling getting my ill Kabouter to eat some breakfast while soothing our little Bear just 10 min after Jan had left for the office, when he phoned me.
"Did you hear already?"
"No, what?"
In all honesty, I live currently with my phone in my hand, but I had not seen the 10 min old developing story on twitter on the blasts in the airport.

So what to say. There are no words.
I didn't feel scared this week unlike during the Paris attacks. Maybe we realize already long enough that the terrorists are among us and that no armed soldiers at train stations and public squares can really stop them if they want to hurt us. But I do feel very very vulnerable.   As vulnerable as you can feel as a mom holding young lives in your arms that you want to protect with all your life.

I had to shut down tv and the endless news editions, the speculations, the discussions who to blame, etc.   But the images of mourning people gathering, made me so sad. The minute of silence yesterday gave me tears.

Let's all invest in our relations with our near ones, let's invest in love.


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