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Support all faiths: this is important



Gentse Feesten

Let's sing

Tropical Beleuvenissen

Yesterday tropical music at Beleuvenissen, tonight singing "Leuven zingt", tomorrow concerts at the Gentse Feesten....this weekend we celebrate

Battling with the queen of the bitches

World Youth Day memories: Cologne 2005

World Youth Day Memories: Rome 2000

Monte Mare Tauchzenter in Rheinbach

Heating again

Old memories at Beleuvenissen

This season's first Mussels from Zeeland tasted


The Belgian political mess

Leterme I: game over

Diving and camping proofs to be a good combination

Leuven beer capital

When you read this, I hope I have survived my first camping night (probably in the rain) sleeping in a

How can you make sure you have to work late?


Free market

New conversations at work after 5 PM



My favourite season is without any doubt the

Meeting Jenn in Holland and Kate