Tropical Beleuvenissen

Scene at 25/07/08

Picture a grasfield under the trees full of people sitting, talking and little children shaking freely to the music and running around ...Turn a bit to the left and enjoy the view of a few dozen people dancing swiftly bearfooted to salsa music... Move a bit to the right again to watch the mucisians bringing their salsa music on stage.

Where am I?...

For those of you who answered:

A) Polé Polé festival at the Gentse Feesten. => no points. There is no grass to dance at Polé Polé even though there can be great tropical music.
B) Baudelo park at the Gentse Feesten => half a point. This scene could very well be at the Gentse Feesten in Baudelo.
C) Beleuvenissen : the tropical night => you won a point. Regular readers know that friday nights are "Beleuvenissen" in Leuven and that's where I am usually hanging out.
The weather has finally gotten a bit smarter: temperatures were consistent with the tropical music being performed everywhere in the city. So everyone has come downtown in cheerful summer dresses and was sipping cocktails and shaking to the music. Summer in the city at its best!!!!!!!


Korie said…
We went to Polé Polé the first night of the Gentse Feesten and some middle aged guy was up on a banister doing some weird dance that looked like a cross between the swim and voguing. It was hysterical. There's certainly a lot to do in Belgium in the summer!

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