Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cubist Red Sea

Either I was very drunk  or the panorama function on our camera doesn't work well on a moving boat. Love it though!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Coral Beauty

TW Classic 2012

Previous Saturday we went to the TW Classic. It was the third time we went to this one-day festival, previous times being last year and in 2008.

Once again I was positively amased by how smooth the bus transportation between the train station in Leuven and the festival terrain 15kms further was organised. We were there in no time.

First group was the Scabs, which we've also seen in 2008 among other. Awesome group, still rocking big time.

They were followed by 't Hof Van Commerce who rapped away in dialect so that the entire crowd needed subtitling. I didn't They 'stunted' by bringing 2Pac in 2D on stage and joked around on recent politics.   Funny guys, really.  And although there were many songs brought that I didn't hear before, the beats & rhythm kept pulsing the show forward.   Funny enough we saw them later on casually strolling across the field, fetching a bear at the stand nearby.
Then it was time for the Kaiser Chiefs to steal the show and you can take that quite literally. I belief Ricky Wilson's eyes were most of the time directed to one of the nearby camera's rather than the crowd in front of him unless he was climbing some part of the stage or so...but I forgive him....his sharp arrogance was very entertaining and their music is great

Ricky Wilson showing a fist to the camera man

Then it was time for De Kreuners to climb the stage. It was their last open air concert...only 3 more indoor concerts scheduled for them and then it's over and out with them. Ugh.

I bet Ricky Wilson wondered who the hell those old guys were climbing on the stage behind him, getting the crowd to sing & clap along right from the start. Hihi, I had to giggle about that.

When Axl & Walter invited all the women out on stage to dance along for the last time with Walter, it only seconds before a endless row of women started to climb over the fences and climbed the stage. Crazy maddness with hundreds of overly excited women jumping around and taking pictures of the crowd and themselves while "Walter was dancing by himself". Obviously it took a full other song before security had gently gotten them all down from the stage again.

After Sting had been on TW Classic in 2008 as part of the Police, he now was a headliner as Sting himself...nevertheless bringing some good old Police hits too. He brought along an amazing violonist who was bringing long solo's that left you in awe. I 've always liked Sting for his attention to the music parts themselves. I bet he's classically schooled. His closing off with the fantastic Desert Rose was just fantastic.

Closing act was Lenny artist of which I know unconciously know many songs but couldn't list many if you'd ask me in a quiz. But he knows how to bring a show as experienced artist and he was hot.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Made in Belgium: De Kreuners

Last weekend I was at the last open air concert of De Kreuners at TW Classic festival.  It was a shock to here the announcement this year that the Kreuners would end. Huh, the Kreuners are part of our culture, probably to such a degree that I doubt that any foreigner can understand why we love them so much.  All my life they were around with concerts in small halls and on big festivals.  My very first concert ever was when I was 11 years old and I could go with my older sister to a concert of ...De Kreuners in our local concert hall.  And then I've seen them all over...also featured on my blog before when they played at Beleuvenissen  and when that concert got aired on tv afterwards. I've even admitted before to have had a teenage crush at Berre Bergen.

I can't belief they stop in December.  Geez.

34 years ago they started and made the radical choice to make Dutch rock, which was pretty unusual then (and still rather is). They participated in Humo's Rock Rally but didn't quite make it. They didn't despair but went to London to record their first single which became a hit right away. Early 80ies they were already featured at the big Rock Werchter festival. The group whose name means "the Moaners, doesn't truly excel in pure vocal talents, but they rocked  and built a strong live reputation with lots of informal interaction with the public, silly jokes.  At the end of the 80ies it was a bit more silent around then, but in the early 90ies they had a revival which ended up much bigger than their beginning years. This is exactly the period where I discovered them, was nuts about all their hits, but also discovered my sister's old early 80ies cassette tapes :).

Walter Grootaerts, the singer, became a succesful tv presentor in the 2nd half of the 90ies and even a local politician while the drummer Ben Crabbé still presents a very popular daily tv quiz on tv.

Despite all their side activities and the lack of succesful new songs coming out over the last 15 years, De Kreuners simply seemed to continue bringing their long long list of succes hits. And on each concert, they manage to get the crowd shouting & clapping until the very back.  

Oh well, maybe they'll get convinced over 10 years or so to launch a reunion tour. Let's hope so.

Ik wil je - 1990

Ik dans wel met mezelf (a Dutch adaptation of "Dancing with myself" of Billy Idol's Gen-X) - 1991

Layla - 1982 (a song about the singer's daughter and the difficulties of fatherhood after divorce....Layla is a bit older than me and already quite some years a mom herself already)

Maak me wakker als je gaat - 1991

Verliefd op Chris Lomme + Ik wil je

Nu of nooit

Ze heeft stijl - 1981

Nummer 1 - 1978

Cous-Cous kregen - 1986   song about immigrant difficulties

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Egyptian friends

I've almost made 50 dives in Sharm El Sheikh already by now, so the gorgeous reefs and their inhabitants start to feel a bit like home there. Yet I keep making new discoveries each time.  June turns out to be tuna time in the Strait of Suez compared to our previous visits , although any type of schools of fish seemed to be more numerous.   I also saw a lot more snail beauties.   But most thrilling for me is still to hoover over turtles.


Upside down jelly fish

Pyama chromodoris snail

Giant Murray

Unicorn fish

Snail beauty

Red Annemone



Glasfish under Gorgonian fan


Hunting tuna in the blue

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Silence in the blue

I've been a bit more quiet last weeks....Beginning of June because I was tremendously busy, struggling with deadlines resulting in more restless nights and fatigue.

But then....aaaaah then it was time to relax for a week in the blue.

And now it's time to go back to work and to try to catch up blogging (lots of drafts in my mind !) and with your blogs.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Made in Belgium: Alana Dante

This week we make a flash-back to the commercial dance music of the nineties .  Alane Dante was all over in her tight latex suits....good memories to my study time :p

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Made in Belgium: Vismets

Some more talent from really nearby (Brussels), but hardly known in Flanders....
I think Studio Brussel should give them more airplay.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tour de la Warche while playing with "panorama" option

We have tested the "panorama" option on a new pocket camera...It's so awesome so  you might see much more panorama's on here from now :p (and that silly line is Blogger, not our camera ...Grrr)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Made in Belgium: de Fixxkes

5 years ago there was a new band from the north of Antwerp that brought us a very nostalgic  song about childhood memories, brought in a local dialect.
The text is so right on, recognisable to all of us with references to popular childhood tv shows (Ooooh I miss Merlina!) , the fact we could stay up later at night when it was Eurovision, the outfits we used to wear, some popular games we played in the street , the cassette typees we were mixing, etc...

The melancholic song was a huge hit right away and broke all recors in 2007:  it was on the number one position for 16 weeks and got a lot of airplay both on commercial radio stations as in more alternative ones.  I was doing some project implementations that year and remember singing it along with some colleagues on long evenings at work on hot summer days.  So now the song does not only trigger memories, the song itself also triggers memories to 2007.

Anyway, ...The Fixxkes have never achieved a big hit anymore afterwards but it's always fun to hear this again now and then.  Just close your eyes and remember your childhood, the games you played, the silly things you fought over with friends, your first falling in love, ...

kvraagetaan - 2007

Monday, June 4, 2012

Leuven in Scène: Les Rates Mortes

One of the closing spectacles of Leuven in Scène at the Pentecost weekend was "Les Rates Mortes" by the Spanish group Xarxa Teatra. It was one of the eye-catchers with a parade through the main characters that landed on the biggest square.   The parade hosted a series of absurd figures, as if Leuven merged partially with Alice in Wonderland, without Alice being there. Turns out they were inspired by a carnaval painting by James Ensor.

With Dollar & Euro signs rolling by on fire,  casino & bank signs and their directors seemingly first been thrown into a huge toilet but in the end being hang and burnt, a huge snake & apple balloons rolling over the qsuare   under a joyful Spanish flute tune & drum gave this anti-capitalism symbolism a very absurd, sometimes creepy but mainly bewildering touch.  I wondered if they weren't firing off fireworks constantly if the crowd would have stayed & enjoyed?

It was interesting to see, left me wondering a bit what was behind it, but I didn't find it a worthy closing act.  The abbey with all the fire-installations was more enjoyable & poetic.