My Egyptian friends

I've almost made 50 dives in Sharm El Sheikh already by now, so the gorgeous reefs and their inhabitants start to feel a bit like home there. Yet I keep making new discoveries each time.  June turns out to be tuna time in the Strait of Suez compared to our previous visits , although any type of schools of fish seemed to be more numerous.   I also saw a lot more snail beauties.   But most thrilling for me is still to hoover over turtles.


Upside down jelly fish

Pyama chromodoris snail

Giant Murray

Unicorn fish

Snail beauty

Red Annemone



Glasfish under Gorgonian fan


Hunting tuna in the blue


Brian Miller said…
oh wow...absolutely gorgeous shots...envious of the under water adventures...
Snooker said…
I'm with you. The fish are all pretty cool, but give me one turtle and I could forget that I'm actually under water.

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