Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Extra playtime in Creston

Once arrived in Creston valley, we stayed for a couple of days to visit with host families and friends.  For Kabouter it meant a lot of extra lazy time to play in the garden or go to the playgrounds in town, since we were not on the road. 

Baseball initiation

on a very cute toddler trampoline

A popper: he LOVED it,   we loved to leave it behind ;)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Once more the tour of the horses and cows

We walked today almost the same tour as previous week but missed the calves & foals.   The horses and cows were omni-present and we discovered some donkeys.  We were enchanted to hear Kabouter's "IA IA  IAAAA" for the rest of the road :). 

Once at the cows, the boys practised their "Moooo" cow sounds to attrackt the animals. After some amazed stares from them, they actually did approach the edge of the field :p.

Then we continued our walk at the pace of a toddler who discovers something interesting on the road every 100m that needs to be investigated   and then quickly catches up again.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tickle tickle

Part of our evening routine.  Nothing beats going to bed with a big smile on our faces :). Don't worry, he knows perfectly well how to get me back (especially when I'm barefoot) and he knows how to tell daddy to join in  "Papa" (in commanding voice, then pointing to me) "Mama...ja ja"


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bears bears bears

As you have already read and seen in our previous posts about our Canada trip , we have encountered quite a few bears. Not as much as 4 years ago (but we didn't go to Whistler where we saw half of them last time).  

So clearly tip for those who'd love to spot bears :  end of May, early June is the moment for bear encounters.  They've woken up from their winter nap but have no food yet higher up the mountains, so they are at relative low heights, often grazing near roads. 

We've seen 6 brown bears in total, no grizzlies.

Bear #1 in Revelstoke around and in our hotel garden

Bear #2 near Kicking Horse Ski resort , Golden BC

Bear #3 Along the highway in Kootenay National Park:

Bear #4 Along the highway in Kootenay National Park:

Bear # 5 at White Swan Provincial Park

Bear #6 at the rest area just before Yahk along Highway 3, wanting to cross in a rush

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Back in the Kootenays between Radium & Yahk

After the national parks at the Rockies, we turned back south towards the valleys of the Kootenays, home of so many of my friends. From now on the more social part of our vacation had started. 

We had the intention to do a short hike near the hoodoo's of Fairmont Springs, but since it was raining, since Kabouter was sound asleep and since we couldn't really find the head of the trail...we only threw a glance at the hoodoo's that were visible from the highway.   Strange, I have never noticed them before even though I must have driven by multiple times.  Good to know I still need to discover new things in the southeast of BC next time ;). 

Our pic-nic lunch at White swan lake Provincial Park seemed well deserved after the long windy drive on the logging trail into the park.  We had a short visit at the natural hot springs and continued to the lake to eat, only to see a bear roaming along the road at 500m of the tables.  Since we didn't want to share our lunch, we drove back empty stomached and had to wait until the next town. 

In Kimberley we stayed with the Johns family that we had last seen in Toronto 4 years ago, and went to see Marysvill Falls and the Austrian themed Plazl downtown together. It was fun to catch up again with each other!

Marysville Falls


the wild rose

Moyee Lake