Back in the Kootenays between Radium & Yahk

After the national parks at the Rockies, we turned back south towards the valleys of the Kootenays, home of so many of my friends. From now on the more social part of our vacation had started. 

We had the intention to do a short hike near the hoodoo's of Fairmont Springs, but since it was raining, since Kabouter was sound asleep and since we couldn't really find the head of the trail...we only threw a glance at the hoodoo's that were visible from the highway.   Strange, I have never noticed them before even though I must have driven by multiple times.  Good to know I still need to discover new things in the southeast of BC next time ;). 

Our pic-nic lunch at White swan lake Provincial Park seemed well deserved after the long windy drive on the logging trail into the park.  We had a short visit at the natural hot springs and continued to the lake to eat, only to see a bear roaming along the road at 500m of the tables.  Since we didn't want to share our lunch, we drove back empty stomached and had to wait until the next town. 

In Kimberley we stayed with the Johns family that we had last seen in Toronto 4 years ago, and went to see Marysvill Falls and the Austrian themed Plazl downtown together. It was fun to catch up again with each other!

Marysville Falls


the wild rose

Moyee Lake


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